How to Generate Reviews

With Loox, you can generate beautiful photo reviews and display them on your store in a wide array of widgets and display options.

There are multiple ways to generate reviews with Loox, with the main channel being our Review Request emails.

In this article, we'll explore the different ways you can generate photo reviews with Loox. 


Review Request Email

The main channel for collecting reviews with Loox is through our own Review Request Emails. Loox schedules and sends these emails automatically according to the email timing you set within your Loox admin. 

Through your Loox admin, you can customize and edit different aspects of these emails, including their timing, text, and visuals.
You can read more about it here:
Customizing the Review Request Emails

"Write a review" Button

Customers can write a review directly through the reviews widget on your product pages.

Reviews submitted through the "Write a review" button will not be considered a "Verified purchase" (since there is no order to connect them to).

Manual Review Request Email 

You can manually send review request emails by clicking the "Send manual review request email" button on your Orders tab:

Once you do so, you'll need to fill out the relevant details for the customer you would like to email, as well as the product you would like them to review:

Alternative Ways

On top of using Loox's review request emails, Loox enables integration with several other 3rd party Shopify apps to reach your customers in other channels.

You can read more about these here: