Understanding the Loox Monthly Quota

Each Loox plan (except for the Unlimited plan) has a quota that limits the amount of review request emails you can send.
Your quota also limits the number of post-purchase referrals you can display on the check-out page.
You can send review request emails and display the post-purchase referral widget up to the amount stated in your plan's monthly quota.
The quota for emails and the quota for referrals are separate from each other.
Your quota renews every 30 days (starting from the day you entered the plan).  
Once you exceed your quota, emails are paused and queued.
Additionally, Loox will not display the post-purchase referral widget on the checkout page, and you'll be notified.

Loox will queue your emails for a maximum of 30 days after their original scheduled time. After that, requests will be marked as "Missed" and will not send. You can always send manual requests through the "Orders" tab.

To resume sending emails and\or displaying the referral widget, you can either upgrade your plan or wait until the next 30-day cycle renews.

Please note the following:

  • Manual review request emails count as part of your quota. 
  • Bonus emails to past customers (sent when you install Loox), are free and do not count as part of your quota.
  • Loox schedules and sends one review request email per order. If a customer purchases several products in one order, Loox will bundle these requests and send them in one email. The only exception is if certain products are fulfilled on different days. In that case, Loox will send separate emails.
  • Post-Purchase Referrals are counted by every fulfillment order completed on your store. Meaning every customer that was exposed to the post-purchase referral widget.
  • The review reminder, photo reminder, and discount reminder emails are not counted toward your monthly email quota.

The monthly quota table is as such:
Plan Emails\Referrals quota
Basic 100
Advanced 500
Pro 1500
Unlimited Unlimited