Migrating to Loox

Loox enables merchants to transfer their reviews from their previous review app without losing any of those hard-earned reviews!

Here's how to easily migrate to Loox from your previous review solution:

  1. Export your reviews from your current review solution (see links below)
  2. Install Loox on your Shopify account
  3. Import the reviews into Loox (learn how)
  4. Configure your Loox emails and settings to match your brand's voice and delivery times through your Loox admin
  5. After seeing that all the widgets and stars are appearing as you wish, remove your previous review app from your store (which should hide the previous app’s widgets automatically)

If you do not want to display the Loox widget until all the reviews are imported and your previous app is removed, you can hide the Loox widget from appearing until you feel ready:

If you need any assistance with importing your reviews, integrating the widget or stars into your theme, or even removing the previous app’s code from your theme, please contact our support team and we’d be more than happy to assist!

To export your previous reviews into a CSV:

From Yotpo:

From Stamped.io:

From Judge.me:

From Shopify product reviews:

From Okendo:

If your review app is not on listed, please contact your review solution’s support team and ask for a CSV export of all your reviews.