The Orders Tab

You can track all your orders' email delivery status through the Orders tab. You can also search for a specific order or browse according to certain criteria. In this article, we'll explore all the different ways you can interact with the Orders tab. 

Accessing your order from Shopify’s Orders menu

Loox provides you with the option to view any specific order's Review request email status, directly from your Shopify orders menu.

To redirect yourself from a specific order's page on your Shopify's Orders menu, follow these steps:  

  • First, from your Shopify Orders menu, open the order you would like to jump to:

  • From the order page, under the "More actions" dropdown menu on the right upper corner of your screen, click on the "View order on Loox Reviews" :

  • Once clicked, this will redirect you to the order location inside your Loox Orders menu, where you will be able to track its review request emails status:

Order Information

Once an order has been registered in your store, it will be added to the Orders tab and will display the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Product Title(s)
  • Order Status
  • Order Date

Additionally, if that order was a Loox-driven sale, Loox will add a tag mentioning this to the order itself:

you can refer to the table below to understand what every tag means:

Tag Meaning
Loox Reviews - Photo/Video Review Discount
Purchase made using the discount code Loox generates for photo/video reviews.
Loox Referrals - Friend Discount Purchase made by a customer referred to your store through a unique referral link.
Loox Referrals - Advocate Reward Purchase made by an advocate, redeeming their reward
Loox Reviews - Review Request Email Purchase made by a customer directly after submitting a review (clicked "Continue" once they submitted the photo/video review)
Loox Reviews - Photo/Video Reminder Email Purchase made by a customer after submitting a photo/video due to reminder email (clicked "Continue" once they submitted the photo/video review)
Loox Reviews - Social Media Share Purchase made by a customer referred to your store by a review shared on social media.
Loox Reviews - SEO Purchase made by a customer referred to your store through one of Loox's SEO services.

On top of that, there will be several actions you can take in regards to that specific order:

  • Go to order will send you to the order as listed in Shopify's Orders tab.
  • Send now will immediately send the review request email to the relevant customer connected to the order.
  • Cancel will prevent that customer from receiving a review request email for that specific order.

Search & Filtering Options

The search & filter bar allows you to look for orders according to specific information.

Search bar: This allows you to search for an order according to the customer's email or name.

Status Filter:

  • All orders - Displays all orders, regardless of the order status.
  • Sent - Only orders that already received the review request email.
  • Scheduled/Pending fulfillment - Orders that were either scheduled for delivery or are waiting to be fulfilled in Shopify.
  • Review received - The customer successfully submitted the review. This relates only to reviews submitted via email.
  • Blocked-listed - Orders, products, or customers that were blocked-listed from receiving review request emails. You can learn how to do so here.
  • Canceled - Orders that were canceled for any reason.

Time range filter: Choosing 'Custom' will allow you to input a start and end date, and only orders completed within this time frame will display:

Order Statuses

Every completed Shopify purchase will begin the process of fulfillment and delivery. This will set the time Loox will send your review request emails. Your orders can have several different statuses. You can find a definition of each below: 

  • Awaiting fulfillment: Once a purchase has been made, it starts going through the process of fulfillment. It will leave the manufacturer's location and then ship out for distribution. If you schedule Loox emails according to fulfillment or delivery, emails will only send once you fulfill the order.

    You can read more about fulfillment on Shopify here.

  • Awaiting delivery: Once you fulfill your order, it will start going through delivery.

    If you use delivery-based timing for review request emails, Loox will send emails once the package has been marked as delivered.  You can read more about delivery on Shopify here.

  • Scheduled date: Loox will schedule your review request emails according to the timing in your Loox settings. The scheduled date for the email will be seen as "scheduled for YYYY-MM-DD". By default, Loox schedules your emails to 14-days after fulfillment. If your email timing is set to After Fulfillment/Delivery, the date will only appear once this trigger occurs.

  • Sent: Once an email has been sent, Loox will update the status and track how long ago the email was sent. Additionally, Loox will track when the review reminder email was sent.

  • Review Received: If a customer submitted a review through a review request email, Loox would update this on your Orders tab. You will be able to see it appear on your Reviews tab as well.

  • Unsubscribed: Unsubscribed refers to a customer who unsubscribed from receiving marketing emails from your store. Not to be confused with Opted-out, which means they never chose to receive such emails to begin with. The customer might unsubscribe from the store's, Loox, or other third-party apps' emails. This can also happen if you remove the customer from your subscriber list on Shopify.

  • Canceled: An order is canceled when the customer cancels it from their end, you cancel it, or if you issue a refund for that order.  If the order were canceled, this would be reflected in the order's status. Additionally, if you click the Cancel button on the order, it will not send a review request email, and the status will change to Cancelled.

  • Opted-out: Opted-out signifies that the customer chose not to receive marketing emails from your business.

    Due to recent data privacy regulation updates (also known as GDPR), merchants may filter who will receive review request emails (to allow them to follow these regulations on Loox). This can be changed inside the "Settings" section under "Compliance", through the "Send review requests to" field.
  • For a customer to be opted-in, they need to check the box as seen below:  

    Note: Depending on your Shopify settings, your store might have a double opt-in setting, meaning customers will have to check the box upon checkout, as well as accept marketing material a second time over email. If that is the case for your store, customers will receive a review request email only if they agree to both.

  • Bonus: When you install Loox for the first time, you have the option to send review requests to past customers up to 90-days back. This is free and does not count as part of your email quota. Any orders made before Loox was installed on your store and are scheduled to receive review request emails will be marked as [Bonus].

    You can read more about it here

Can't Find an Order on the Orders Tab

Generally speaking, Loox will add all your store orders to your Orders tab from the moment Loox was installed. 

Orders will not be displayed in Loox in the following cases:

  • The order was created before Loox was installed on your store, and you did not set up bonus emails.
  • All ordered products have been deleted, canceled, or refunded.
  • The order does not contain a valid customer email address or name.
  • The order was for a product that does not currently exist on the store.

If an order that should be displayed does not appear, feel free to contact our Support team at [email protected], and we'd be more than happy to help!

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