The Orders tab

Through the Loox Orders tab, you can track all of your orders' email delivery status.

Once an order has been registered in your store, it will be added to the Orders tab and will display the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Product Title(s)
  • Order status
  • Order date

On top of that, there will be several actions you can take in regards to the order.

  • Go to order will send you to the order as it's listed in Shopify's Orders tab.
  • Send now will immediately send the review request email to the relevant customer connected to the order.
  • Cancel will prevent that customer from receiving a review request email for that specific order.

Order Statuses

Every completed purchase will begin the process of delivery to the customer, which in turn will set the time your review request emails will be sent. Your orders can have several different statuses. A definition of each can be found below:

  • Awaiting fulfillment: If your email timing is set to After Fulfillment/Delivery, once a purchase is completed, it starts going through the process of fulfillment, meaning it will leave the warehouse or manufacturer's location and then be sent out to your distributor and shipping companies. An order is considered fulfilled once it has been marked as such in Shopify's system. Accordingly, Loox will then schedule the review request email.
    If your email timing is set to After Delivery, once the order has been marked fulfilled, the status will be Awaiting Delivery.
  • Awaiting delivery: If you use delivery-based timing for your review request emails, your customers will receive their review request emails only after the package has been marked as delivered, meaning that it has arrived at the customer's location or address.
  • Scheduled date: Loox will schedule the review request email to be sent according to the timing in your Loox settings. The scheduled date the email should be sent will be seen as "scheduled for X".
    By default, Loox schedules your emails to be sent 14-days after fulfillment.
    Note: If your email timing is set to After Fulfillment/Delivery the date will only appear once Loox receives a notification that this trigger occurred.
  • Sent: Once a review request email has been sent, Loox will update the status and will keep track of how long ago the review request email was sent, as well as when the review reminder email was sent.
  • Review Received: If a customer wrote a review through the review request email, this will be updated on your Orders tab and you will be able to see it appear on your Reviews tab as well.
  • Unsubscribed: Unsubscribed refers to a customer who has previously unsubscribed from receiving marketing emails via your store (as opposed to Opted-out, which means they never chose to receive such emails, to begin with). This unsubscribe can apply to emails from the store's, Loox, or any other third-party apps' emails. This can also happen if the merchant removed the customer from their subscriber list on Shopify.
  • Canceled: An order can be canceled when the customer cancels it from their end, the merchant cancels it, or in other scenarios, such as if a merchant issues a refund for that order. If the order was canceled, this will be reflected on the order's status. Additionally, if you click the Cancel button on the order, it will not send a review request email and the status will be marked as Cancelled.
  • Opted-out: Opted-out signifies that the customer(s) chose not to receive marking materials from your business (as in the screenshot below). Due to recent data privacy regulation updates (also known as GDPR), merchants may filter who will receive review request emails (to allow them to comply with these regulations on Loox). This can be changed through the "Send review requests to" field in the "Handling Emails" section of your Loox settings.
    In order for a customer to be opted-in they need to check the box as seen below:
  • Bonus: When you install Loox for the first time, you have the option to send review requests to past customers up to 90-days back. This is free and does not count as part of your email quota. Any orders that were made before Loox was installed on the store and are scheduled to receive review request emails will be marked as [Bonus]. You can read more about it here.