Product Reviews Widget Settings

You can change the settings for the product pages' reviews widget. This will affect visual aspects, as well as information on the reviews. 
Changes made here will affect the reviews widgets on all product pages. The homepage widget, as well as widgets that you integrate through most page-builder apps will not be affected by these changes.

You can adjust these settings in your Loox admin inside the Reviews Widget Settings:

Reviews Widget:

  • Always shown - Displays the widget on all product pages, only displaying that specific product's reviews.
    If a product has no reviews, the widget will still appear. This is the default Loox setting.
  • Hidden when empty - Will only display the widget on product pages with at least one approved review.
    The widget will not appear on pages that do not have at least one approved review.
  • Always hidden - Hides the reviews widget on all product pages. Your customers will not be able to see your reviews in this setting.
  • All reviews when empty - Displays all your store's reviews on product pages that do not have at least one approved review.
    Products with approved reviews will only display their own reviews. Use this option if you wish to display reviews on products that do not have any of their own.
  • All reviews always - Every product page widget will display all your store's reviews. Use this option if you wish to share your reviews across all products.

If you only wish to share reviews between specific products, you can create a product group. Click here to learn how.

"Write a Review" Button:

  • Always shown - Display the button on the widget header. This allows your customers to write a review directly on the product page.
    Reviews submitted through the "Write a review" button will not include the 'Verified purchase' badge. 
  • Always hidden - Hides the button from all product page widgets.

Reviews per Page:

Set how many reviews will be shown before clicking the "Show more reviews" button.
By default, Loox will display 20 reviews. Choosing a smaller number will make the Loox widget take less space on your product page, as fewer reviews will be displayed initially.

Review Dates:

  • Shown - will display the review submission date on the review itself. By default, the reviews will display the date of submission. 
    The date format appears according to the locale set in the customer's browser. On all sorting modes, Loox will display the reviews in chronological order.
  • Hidden - will not display the review submission date. Loox will still display reviews in chronological order.

Item Type:

  • Shown - Displays the variant of the product the reviewing customer ordered. Loox only displays the product variant for reviews submitted through a review request email.
    Products that do not have variants will not show an item type even if set to "Shown". This is the default Loox setting.
  • Hidden - Does not display the product variant on the review.

Default Sorting:

  • Featured - The widget will display all reviews in chronological order, with photo/video reviews first. Out-of-the-box, Loox will set your widgets to this option.
  • Newest - Displays reviews in true chronological order, without preferring photo/video reviews first.
  • Highest Ratings - Sorts reviews according to their star ratings, from the highest to the lowest. 5-stars reviews will appear first, then 4-stars, etc.
  • Lowest Ratings - Places the lowest rating, published reviews first. This allows you to reflect your store's reviews as honestly as possible.

Sorting options & ratings distribution:

Toggle between displaying or hiding the sorting options and star ratings distribution as part of the Reviews Widget Header.