Importing reviews from AliExpress

Loox enables you to easily import reviews from your AliExpress supplier's product pages into your own Shopify store.

To import reviews from AliExpress, please follow these instructions:

  1. Drag the "Import to Loox" button to your bookmarks bar (click here to learn how
  2. Go to the AliExpress product page you'd like to import reviews from
  3. While on that page, click on the "Import to Loox" button that you've added to your bookmarks bar
  4. Choose the product you'd like to import to, using the "Import to" drop-down menu or by searching for the product URL (not the product title)
  5. Define any desired filtering rules
  6. Click the "Preview & import"

After completing the import process you can head over to your product page and refresh it to see all imported reviews.

Please note: AliExpress protects their customers' privacy by either censoring their name with stars (C****s) or anonymizing the review by replacing the name with "Shopper" and that is how they will be imported.

You can change this to display initials by changing the name format in your Loox settings:

What does the "Import variant information (Item types)" field do?

The "Item type" field includes product variant information. For example, if a customer orders a medium-sized, striped T-shirt, an "Item type" field could appear as follows:

When importing from AliExpress, Loox provides the option to import AliExpress product variants that the reviewers ordered.
Please note that these variants correspond with the AliExpress product that is offered and might not match the variants that you use on your store.