Adding a Reviews Tab to Your Facebook Page

Facebook tab integration enables you to display the Loox widget with all your store’s reviews on a designated “Reviews” tab on your store’s Facebook page.

Please note that Facebook requires at least 2,000 fans (likes) in order to add the Facebook Reviews Tab to your site. If your page doesn't meet their guidelines, you may see the following error message:

To display the Loox widget in a tab on your Facebook page:

  1. Go to the "Integrations" section of your Loox settings
  2. Click the “Continue with Facebook” button in the “Facebook Page Tab” section:
  3. Sign into your Facebook account
  4. Click the “Continue as...” button
  5. Choose the page you wish to add the “Reviews” tab to by clicking “Select page” and selecting the relevant Facebook page:
  6. Click “Done”

To change the placement of the “Reviews” tab on your Page’s menu simply drag and drop the tab where you would like it to be positioned:

Note: Renaming the tab is not currently supported by Facebook and we are researching different ways to work around this limitation.

Please note that Mobile Custom Tabs are not supported by Facebook. This means that when viewing your Facebook page on a mobile device, the "Reviews" tab will not display.