Creating a Custom Facebook Audience with Facebook Pixel

Loox enables you to connect your business's Facebook pixel account to Loox. You can then create a custom audience that includes all your positive reviewers (rated 4-star and up). 

You can use this custom audience for retargeting campaigns or even create a Lookalike audience to target similar customers.

Here's how to connect your Facebook Pixel with Loox:

  1. Copy your Facebook Pixel ID from the Event Manager on your Facebook Business Manager:
  2. Paste your Facebook Pixel ID into the text box in your Loox integrations menu:

Please note that Loox will start reporting customer information to Facebook only after connecting the Facebook Pixel. All previous reviewers will not be included in the audience.

After at least one positive review has been submitted (since the Facebook Pixel was added to Loox) you will be able to create a new custom audience in your Facebook Business Manager to use in your campaigns.

Here's how to create a custom audience using your positive reviewers:

  1. Go to the Audience menu in your Facebook Business Manager:
  2. Click "Create Audience" and select "Custom Audience":
  3. Select "Website":
  4. In the Drop down menu, select "SubmittedPositiveReview" which will appear in the "From your events" section:
  5. Name your audience and click "Create Audience"

You can now use the custom audience in any of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

If you have any questions please contact our support and we'd be happy to help!