Post-Purchase Referrals

With Post-purchase Referrals, you can encourage customers to share a referral link and provide a discount to their friends. By enabling two-sided incentives, your advocates (referring customers) can receive a discount on future purchases as well. 

You can choose the incentive type from the Referrals - Offer settings menu:

Once activated, a referral widget is displayed on the order status page, prompting customers to share a unique link. Customers can either copy the link or share it using any of the available apps on their devices.

Please note: Post Purchase referrals are linked to a specific order. If a customer had previously registered as an advocate through a different order, activating a new referral code will result in the creation of a separate code and rewards balance.

To learn more about the available incentive options for this widget, click here.

Widget Settings

Inside the Post purchase referrals settings page, you have the option to customize the widget's appearance settings.

  • Primary color: The background color of the widget. The text adjusts automatically to black or white according to the chosen color.

Text customizations

  1. Friend discount title (Only on two-sided incentive): The first line of the widget shows the friend discount.
  2. Advocate reward title (Only on two-sided incentive): The second line of the widget shows the advocate reward.
  3. Subtitle: Appears in bold below the discount/reward title.
  4. Content: Text that appears below the Subtitle. Use it to explain how the discount works.
  5. Button caption: The call-to-action of the share button itself. Use the  [friend_discount] or [adovcate_reward] placeholders to add the relevant discount amount.

Referral Emails

Loox's Referral Emails will be automatically sent to customers who interact with the Post Purchase referral widget.

Inside the email is the unique referral link related to that advocate's purchase.

One-sided incentive:

Two-sided incentive:

The email's content will change according to the type of Post Purchase incentive selected in your Loox Admin.

The email's texts and banner can be customized through the Post Purchase referral email's settings page:


The Post Purchase Referral's quota will be counted every time a new order is fulfilled on your store. The quota is separate from your email quota and depends on the specific Loox plan you are subscribed to:

Beginner 100
Scale Unlimited
Unlimited Unlimited

Note: Referred friends' discount code will appear as: Loox Referrals (Order #0000) - Friend Discount - LXZ-ABCD123

Advocates' discount code will appear as:  Loox Referrals (Order #0000) - Advocate Reward - LXR-ABCD123

You can view how the widget appears on any customer's checkout page through your Shopify Orders tab. On any order, click "More actions" -> "View order status page" to see the order status page and the widget on it. 

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