Review Transparency

Loox includes different badges on your reviews to mark whether the review was made by a purchasing customer or manually verified by the merchant. Additionally, Loox displays a disclaimer with information about the source of the reviews or any incentives that influenced the submission of these reviews.

The "Verified purchase" badge automatically appears on your reviews. Additional information regarding the origin of the review might appear on the review's quickview by clicking the "i" icon at the top right. You can set what information you display through your Loox admin.

In this article, we'll look at the different badges and disclaimers and detail what they mean.


Review Badges

Review badges will appear as a checkmark next to the reviewer's name when viewing the reviews widget. When opening a specific review's quickview, Loox will specify whether the badge is a "Verified purchase" or a "Verified review" badge.

"Verified purchase" Badge

The "Verified purchase" badge indicates a review submitted by a purchasing customer who received a review request from Loox. These reviews are connected to a specific order in your store, which Loox can verify. When clicking on the "i" icon, the following text will appear: 

"This review was collected from a verified customer who purchased this item."

"Verified review" badge

You can add the "Verified Review" badge to any review on your store. These reviews are not connected to a specific order which Loox can verify, and therefore cannot include the “Verified purchase’ badge.

You can learn how to add or remove the "Verified review" badge here.

Verified reviews are either submitted directly through the "Write a review" button or reviews you imported from a previous source. This includes reviews imported from your AliExpress supplier or ShineOn. When clicking on the "i" icon, the following text will appear:

"This review was marked as verified by the store owner."

Review Disclaimers

Loox will include further information about the origins of a review and if the reviewer received an incentive to include a photo with their review.

Imported Review

Reviews imported from a previous source, using one of Loox's integrations (either AliExpress or ShineOn), will have a disclaimer saying so. You can see that when clicking the review's "i" icon in the quickview:

"This review was imported from an external source."

Incentivized Review

If a review includes a photo that a customer submitted in exchange for a discount, Loox will mention this as a disclaimer. An incentive for a photo includes a discount, store points, or other benefits. You can see this when clicking the review's "i" icon in the quickview:

"This customer received a future purchase discount for adding a photo to their review."

Transparency Settings

Loox enables you to choose what information you wish to disclose about the origins and incentives of your reviews. You can do so through your Loox admin, under the Settings - Collect reviews section. 

By default, Loox will enable the "Verified purchase" and "Verified review" badges and disable any other disclaimer information. Please note that it is not possible to hide the "Verified purchase" badge. 

  • Review was marked as verified by the store owner: Enable or disable the "Verified review" badge for your reviews. The "Verified purchase" badge will appear on the relevant reviews regardless.
  • Review was imported from an external source: Enable or disable disclaimer information regarding imported reviews. Loox will not show this on reviews imported via the Loox spreadsheet importer.
  • Reviewer received a next-purchase discount for adding a photo to their review: Enable or disable disclaimer information regarding incentives you provided to the customer to add a photo to their review. If you do not offer a discount for photo reviews, this will not appear on any review.