Displaying the Snippets Widget on Vintage Themes

Integrate the Snippets Widget with your vintage theme (Shopify 1.0 theme) using code to display it on product pages. 

Note: If you are using a Shopify 2.0 Theme, click here to learn how to display Loox Widgets on your store pages.

To manually add the Snippets Widget to your product pages by code:

  • Inside the Shopify Themes menu, click the “...” button next to “Customize” and select "Edit code":
  • Open the template or section you use for product pages (for example: product.liquid / product-template.liquid / product-page.liquid / propduct-main.liquid).
  • Copy the line of code below and paste it where you would like the widget to appear:
<loox-snippets-widget product-id="{{ product.id }}"></loox-snippets-widget>

  • Click “Save”:

If you need help editing your code, contact our Support team at [email protected]. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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