Loox Video Slider Widget

The Video Slider Widget displays your best video reviews to captivate and build deeper emotional connections with visitors. It’s available in 3 beautiful layouts, optimized for mobile, and loads videos in less than half a second.

In this article, we will break down how to add the Video Slider Widget to your pages, and explain how to manually select the reviews you wish to display on the widget.

How to add the Video Slider Widget to your pages

To add the Video Slider Widget to your pages:

  • Click “Add section” on the bottom-left corner and select "Video Slider Widget".

  • Inside the Shopify Theme Editor, drag and drop the widget app block where you would like it to appear:

  • Customize the widget’s appearance to match your brand’s design (learn more below).
  • Click "Save".

Optional customization:

  • Show selected reviews only: When checked, only reviews manually selected to be displayed will appear on the widget.
  • Widget alignment: Adjust the location of the Snippets Widget on your product page.
  • Shadow type: Adjusts the type of drop shadow used on the widget's reviews.
  • Show rating: When checked, the rating given by the reviewer will be displayed.
  • Show Reviewer name: When checked, the reviewer's name will appear on the widget.
  • Hide arrows on mobile: When checked, the widget’s arrow keys will be hidden on mobile view.
  • Auto play (no sound): When checked, the videos displayed on the widget will automatically play in the "background" on mute.
  • Show border: When checked, a border line surrounding the widget will be displayed.
  • Border width: Adjusts the size of the widget's border.
  • Border radius: Adjust the angle of the widget’s corners.
  • Text color: Choose the color of the widget’s text.
  • Rating icon color: Choose the color for the Rating Icons displayed on the widget.
  • Border color: Choose the color of the widget’s border line.
  • Play button color: Choose the color of the play button displayed on the Widget's videos.
  • Shadow color: Choose the color of the widget’s shadow.
  • Select product (optional): When a certain product is selected, the widget will display that product's first 20 reviews.

Adding and removing reviews from the Video Slider Widget

To add/remove a review to your Video Slider Widget:

  • In "Manage reviews", search for the relevant review.
  • Click the “...” button to open the drop-down menu, and select "Add to Video Slider":

  • To remove the review, follow steps 1+2 and select "Remove from Video Slider":
  • Reviews selected to be displayed on the widget will include a small logo next to the review's date:

The reviews selected will now appear on your Video Slider Widget.

Note: The chosen reviews will appear on all Video Slider Widgets displayed on your site. If you have adjusted the widget to showcase a specific product’s collection of reviews, it will override the reviews selected in your admin. 

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