Loox Popup Widget

The Loox Popup widget will surface your store’s reviews on selected store pages.
The Popup widget is a context-aware widget. It will display different reviews depending on the page the customer is viewing. On product pages, the Popup will display reviews for that product only. On the homepage, collections, and other pages, the widget will display all your store's reviews.

When clicked, the Popup widget opens the review's Quickview, which also leads to the product page.

Customization options

Loox enables you to customize the Popup widget to match your store’s needs. You can access these options under the Popup Widget Settings section of your Loox admin

  • Position - Decide which corner the Popup widget appears from.
  • Minimum rating to display - Choose which reviews are displayed on the Popup widget.
  • Delay between Pop-ups - Set the time between when a review disappears and a new review appears.
  • Pop-up display time - Set how long the Popup widget displays on-screen before disappearing.
  • Maximum per page - Configure the number of reviews displayed before the Popup widget stops appearing.
  • Hide on mobile - Display the Pop-up widget on both Desktop and Mobile or only on Desktop.
  • Display on - Choose which pages the Popup widget will appear. 


  • Hovering over a review popup will stop the review transition so that customers can fully read a review before it disappears.
  • When a customer clicks on the "X" button on a review that popped up, the Popup widget will stop appearing on any page in the store for that customer.