How do I enable the Popup widget?

The Loox Popup widget will actively surface your store’s reviews to generate strong social proof while a consumer is browsing the store or considering a specific product:

To activate the Popup widget click the “Activate widget” toggle in the "Display reviews" section of your Loox settings so that it appears blue:

Optional customizations:

Loox enables you to customize the Popup widget to match your store’s needs:

  • Position  - Decide which corner the Popup widget appears from.
  • Minimum rating to display - Choose which reviews are displayed on the Popup widget.
  • Delay between Pop-ups - Set the time between when a review disappears and a new review appears.
  • Pop-up display time - Set how long the Popup widget displays on the screen before disappearing.
  • Max: Configure the number of reviews that are displayed before the Popup widget stops appearing on the screen.
  • Hide on mobile - Display the Pop-up widget on both Desktop and Mobile or only on Desktop.
  • Display on: Choose which pages the Popup widget will appear. 

Note: The Loox Popup displays different reviews on different pages:

  • Homepage and other pages -  Loox displays all your store's reviews to inspire the customer and direct them to a product page. 
  • Product pages and cart -  Loox displays the specific product's reviews as to add trust and help convince the customer to buy the specified item.
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