Loox Pop-up Widget

Capture more interest in your products by displaying visual product reviews using the Loox Pop-up Widget.

This widget will put the spotlight on your customers' reviews, encouraging new visitors to interact with their stories and driving them to your product pages.

Pop-up Widget overview

Once enabled, the Pop-up Widget will display a single review for a set number of seconds, one review at a time out of your entire collection of reviews. 

The widget will select reviews to display based on the “Minimum rating to display” setting.

When clicked, the full version of the review will appear, including a larger version of its attached UGC (if available), full review text, the date submitted, the author’s name, and a “Verified Purchase” disclaimer (if relevant). 


  • For reviews with multiple photos, only the cover photo will appear on the Pop-up Widget.
  • When clicked on a non-product page, the full version of the review will also include a link to the product page associated with that review.
  • When viewed on product pages, only reviews associated with the relevant product will be displayed.

Customization options

You can activate and customize the Pop-up Widget from its dedicated settings page:

  • Activate widget - When checked, the Pop-up Widget will appear on your store.
  • Position - Select where you would like the Pop-up Widget to appear on your pages.
  • Minimum rating to display - Set a minimum rating filter for the widget, limiting the reviews displayed accordingly.
  • Delay between Pop-ups - Set the time between when a review disappears and a new review appears on the widget.
  • Pop-up display time - Set a duration for how long the Pop-up Widget will showcase a review before disappearing.
  • Maximum per page - Configure the number of reviews displayed before the Pop-up Widget stops displaying new reviews.
  • Hide on mobile - When enabled, prevent the Pop-up Widget from appearing on mobile.
  • Auto-play video preview - When enabled, a preview of video reviews will automatically play on the Pop-up widget.
  • Display on - Select the pages where you would like to display Pop-up Widget.


  • Hovering over a review showcased on the Pop-up Widget will stop the review transition so that customers can fully read a review before it disappears.
  • When a customer clicks on the "X" button on a review that popped up, the Pop-up Widget will stop appearing on any page in the store for that customer.

If you have more questions, contact our Support team at [email protected]. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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