How do I display star ratings in my store's product search results

To display star ratings in your product search results Loox integrates with Searchanise and InstantSearch+.

To display your Loox star ratings on Searchanise:

To integrate Searchanise widgets with Loox reviews you'll need to enable the Loox - Photo Reviews integration in the Searchanise admin panel.

1. Go to:  Searchanise admin panel -> Integrations -> Product reviews.
2. Set the toggle for Loox  Reviews to On:

3. Click Apply changes.

Please remember to re-index your store after the applied changes. Find the Force re-indexation button in the Dashboard section of the Searchanise admin panel.

To display your Loox star ratings on InstantSearch+:

  1. Go to: InstantSearch+ admin panel ->Search results -> Configuration.
  2. Turn on “Customer Reviews”
  3. Choose Loox:
  4. Click “OK”: