Loox Sidebar Widget

The Sidebar widget makes it easy for your customers to access all your store’s reviews by clicking a floating button on the side of your screen.

Once a visitor clicks on the Sidebar, the Loox Floating Happy Customers widget will display all your store's reviews in a beautiful review gallery. To learn more about the Floating 'Happy Customers' widget, click here.

The Sidebar widget is context-aware. It will display reviews according to the page the customer is viewing.
On a product page, the Sidebar widget will only display reviews of that specific product. The widget will display all your store's reviews on the homepage, collections, and other pages.

To activate the Sidebar widget click the “Activate widget” toggle inside the Sidebar Widget Settings section of your Loox admin:

Loox enables you to customize the Sidebar widget to match your store’s needs:

  • Position  - Decide which side of the screen the Sidebar widget appears on.
  • Button text - Change the default "Reviews" title.
  • Button background color - Adjust the color of the widget's background.
  • Button text color - Pick the color of the Sidebar's title.
  • Hide on mobile - Removes the Sidebar from appearing on mobile devices.
  • Display on - Choose which pages will show the widget.

Note: The 'Button text' editor supports emoji input for some extra flair: