Floating 'Happy Customers' Page

You can display all your product reviews on a dedicated 'Happy Customers' widget. Customers can view this widget from any page on your store. 

This widget can be viewed by clicking the Sidebar widget, Carousel widget, or through the product page's star ratings widget.

On the Sidebar and Carousel widgets, the floating 'Happy Customers' widget will automatically open to display the relevant reviews. If you wish to open the floating 'Happy Customers' widget through the star ratings widget, you can follow the steps detailed here

The floating 'Happy Customers' widget can be customized through the Display reviews section of your Loox settings:

Optional customizations:

  • Title  - Add a title of your choice above the reviews. Keep empty to hide the title.
  • Title background color - Choose the color of the title's background.
  • Title text color - Adjust the color of the title's text
  • Product thumbnails -  Toggle the product thumbnails under the reviews' texts.
  • Link to product page - Toggle the "View product" link that appears when viewing a specific review.