How reviews are displayed on your store

Reviews widget:

Loox displays your reviews in a masonry-style grid. Sorted in chronological order (by date) with photo reviews shown before text-only reviews:

This can be changed to a List layout through your Loox settings:

Carousel widget:

With the Loox Carousel, you can highlight selected reviews in a stunning carousel widget:

Loox Popup:

The Loox Popup widget will actively surface your store’s reviews to generate strong social proof while a consumer is browsing the store or considering a specific product:

Loox Sidebar widget:

The Loox Sidebar widget makes it easy for your customers to access all the store’s reviews by clicking a floating button on the side of your screen.

Once a visitor clicks on the Sidebar, the Loox Floating Happy Customers widget will display all your store's reviews is displayed in a beautiful photo review gallery:

You can see all these widget's in action by visiting our demo store here