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With Loox, you can present your customer reviews in a wide array of widgets and display options. 

The different widgets allow you to capture your customers' attention at different stages along the buyer journey.

You can see all the Loox widgets in action by visiting our demo store.

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In this article, we'll run an overview of the different Loox widgets and display options.


Product Reviews Widget

The Loox Reviews Widget displays your reviews in a grid display. 

You can choose to display the widget in a masonry grid or a list layout. Aspects of the widget's appearance and functionality are customizable through your Loox settings.

The product reviews widget is used on the following pages:

With Loox Carousel Widgets, you can showcase selected reviews by presenting them using three different Carousel Widgets, highlighting different elements:

Gallery Carousel

The Gallery Carousel will put the spotlight on your reviews' images and videos.

Cards Carousel

This Cards Carousel uses both the texts and the images/videos attached to your customer reviews to create a unique and clean-looking carousel to display your UGC with.

Testimonials Carousel

The Testimonials Carousel will showcase your reviews' texts. 

The Loox Popup Widget will surface your store’s reviews while a customer is browsing the store.

The Popup Widget is a context-aware widget. This means it will display different reviews according to the page the customer is viewing.

On product pages, the Popup widget will display reviews of that specific product. However, on the homepage, collections, and other pages, the widget will display reviews from all products.

The Loox Sidebar Widget makes it easy for your customers to access all your store’s reviews by clicking a floating button on the side of the screen.

Once a customer clicks that button, a floating 'Happy Customers' widget appears, displaying all your store's reviews.

Loox Star Ratings

The Loox Star Ratings widget enables you to display your products' average rating and the number of reviews. The star ratings can be placed on just about any page of your store.

You can customize the look of the star ratings including their color, font, as well as the text next to them.