Loox Snippets Widget

Showcase impactful glimpses of your best reviews right beside the 'Add to cart' button, securing trust at the exact moment of decision-making and making sure that visitors don’t leave before purchasing using our Snippets Widget.

Add the Snippets Widget to get faster trust, more conversions, and to make every review count.

To add the Snippets Widget to your pages:

  • Select the product page template (or any other page) you would like to edit:

  • Under “Template”, click "Add section" on the left-side menu, and select "Snippets Widget":

  • Inside the Shopify Theme Editor, drag and drop the widget app block where you would like it to appear:

  • Customize the widget’s appearance to match your brand’s design (learn more below).
  • Click "Save".

Optional customizations:

  • Widget alignment - Adjust the location of the Snippets Widget on your product page.
  • Widget width - Adjust the maximum width of the widget on the page.
  • Color scheme - Select the color theme you would like to use for the widget.
  • Shadow type - Adjusts the type of drop shadow used on the widget's reviews.
  • Show review rating - When checked, your product’s average rating will be displayed.
  • Show review image - When checked, the photo/video attached to the review will be displayed next to it.
  • Hide arrows on mobile - When checked, the widget’s arrow keys will be hidden on mobile view.
  • Font size - Adjust the size of the widget's text.
  • Show border - When checked, a border line surrounding the widget will be displayed.
  • Border radius - Adjust the angle of the widget’s corners.
  • Background color - Choose the color of the widget’s background
  • Text color - Choose the color of the widget’s text.
  • Name color - Choose the color of the reviewer’s name.
  • Rating icon color - Choose the color for the Rating Icons displayed on the widget.
  • Border color - Choose the color of the widget’s border line.
  • Shadow color - Choose the color of the widget’s shadow.
  • Number of reviews to display -  Select the number of reviews showcased on the widget.

If you have more questions, contact our Support team at [email protected]. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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