Managing Reviews

Manage the reviews you display on your store pages using the multiple options and settings we offer.

Publish new reviews submitted by your customers, tag reviews as featured, and set an auto-publish setting for all incoming reviews directly from your Loox Admin “Collect reviews” settings section.

In this article, we'll break down all the different options and settings you can use to manage your customers' reviews.

Managing new reviews

For every new review submitted for your products, Loox will send a review notification email to your inbox, displaying the review's content, image, or video, as well as the option to publish the review and reply to it:

You can reply to the reviewer and download the attached photo or video in their original resolution directly from the email.

To change the email address you'd like to receive review notifications to:

  • Inside the Loox Admin "Collect reviews" settings section, go to "Managing new reviews".
  • Toggle “Review notifications” on, and Insert your preferred email address in the “Notification email” text field:


  • Loox will send the review notification email to the email address associated with your Shopify account by default.
  • If you wish to send review notification emails to multiple addresses, you can use your email provider's auto-forwarding feature. For example, here's how to do so on Gmail.

Auto-publishing new reviews

Shopify's new policy requires all apps to auto-publish reviews that have not been rejected by merchants for valid reasons within 14 days.

Note: All reviews collected before September 10th, 2023 will remain with their existing status.

To change your “Auto-publish new reviews” setting:

  • In “Collect reviews”, go to “Managing new reviews”.
  • Select your preferred “Auto-publish new reviews” setting:

If you choose to “Auto-publish” your reviews by rating, here are the settings options:

  • All Reviews: All new reviews submitted will be automatically published on your pages.
  • 3-5 Stars and up: When selecting "3-5 and up", 3-5 star reviews will be auto-published and displayed on your store immediately. Reviews rated below the set rating (1-2 stars or below your selection) will be set to “Pending” and scheduled to publish 14 days after their submission.

Note: Reviews set to “Pending” will be automatically published and displayed on your store 14 days after their initial submission date.

Tip: We encourage publishing all reviews unless rejected for valid reasons as defined by your local regulations.

To manually publish a review in your Loox admin:

  • In the “Manage reviews” settings section, search for the review you would like to publish.
  • Open the dropdown and click "Publish": 

Note: Unpublished reviews will not count towards your products' average rating, and won't show up on your widgets.

Publishing reviews in bulk:

Publish multiple reviews together directly from your Loox Admin.

To publish multiple reviews in bulk:

  • Open the “Bulk actions” dropdown menu, and click “Publish all reviews”:

Sync your Loox reviewers with Shopify Customers

Sync the email addresses and personal info of customers who left a review using the "Write a review" button with your Shopify “Customers”.

To sync your reviewers with your Shopify “Customers” list:

Note: Once enabled, Loox will only report new reviewers' information. The information of reviewers who left a review before this setting was enabled will not be synced.

How to download a photo/video attached to a review

Download and use your customers' UGC for your brand’s marketing needs.

To download a review's photo or video:

  • In “Manage reviews”, search for the review you would like to download.
  • Open the three dots dropdown menu, and click "Download photo":

How to change the review cover photo

The cover photo of a review with multiple photos will be displayed across your Loox widgets.

By default, the first image uploaded will be automatically selected as the “Cover photo".

To change the cover photo:

  • In “Manage reviews”, search for the review with multiple photos you would like to modify.
  • Select the photo you would like to set as the cover photo:

  • Open the three dots dropdown menu, and click "Make cover photo":

How to hide a photo/video attached to a review

To hide inappropriate photos or videos attached to reviews:

  • In “Manage reviews”, search for the review with the photo or video you would like to hide.
  • Open the three dots dropdown menu, and click "Hide photo":

The review will now appear without its photo/video on your store’s pages. 

Note: Reviews that have their photo/video set to “hidden” will have a label attached when viewed in “Manage Reviews”:

Replying to reviews

Engage with your customers by replying to their reviews, thanking them for sharing their experiences, and solving any issues or concerns they might have.

To publicly reply to a review:

  • In “Manage reviews”, find the review you would like to reply to.
  • Click "Reply":

Note: Replying to a review will notify your customer by email.

Your replies will also appear on the Product Reviews Widget:

To privately reply to a review, click on the relevant reviewer name; This will open your default email browser, where you can directly reply to the customer via email:

Highlight selected reviews for each of your products by tagging them as “featured”.

Featured reviews will appear as the top reviews on the Product Reviews Widget displayed on your product pages.

Note: Widgets set to show your store’s entire collection of reviews (e.g., Popup widget, Happy customers page, Carousel Widgets, etc.) will not display “Featured” reviews first, and will continue sorting your reviews from newest to oldest while prioritizing photos and videos first.

To feature a review on your Product Reviews Widget:

  • In Manage reviews, search for the relevant review.
  • Open the “More actions” drop-down menu, and click “Tag as featured”:

Reviews tagged as "featured" will display a tag above the reviewer's name:

To remove the “Featured” tag from a specific review:

  • In Manage reviews, search for the relevant review.
  • Open the “More actions” drop-down menu, and click “Remove featured tag”.

Alternatively, you can click the “X” on the “Featured” tag that appears above the reviewer’s name.

Technical information:

  • "Featured" reviews will appear on the Product Reviews widget based on the order they were tagged as “Featured” (chronological order).
  • Featured reviews will only appear first when your Product Reviews Widget’s sorting type is set to “Featured”.
  • You can feature up to 10 reviews on each of your store's products.

More actions

There are additional actions you can take in regard to your reviews:

  • See discount details: For photo/video reviews, will open the relevant discount code on your Shopify orders menu.
  • Tag as featured/Remove featured tag: Reviews tagged as “Featured” will appear first on the Product Reviews Widget (from top to bottom). Click here to learn more.
  • Add / Removed verified badge: Add a “Verified purchase” disclaimer to verified reviews you have imported from a previous source. Learn more about Review Transparency.

Note: By default, Loox will display the "Verified purchase badge" for all reviews submitted through a Loox review request email.

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