Managing Reviews

Loox encourages merchants to display reviews as customers submit them. Thus, we do not support editing published reviews. With that being said, there are still options for you to manage your reviews with Loox.
You can decide what reviews to publish or hide, as well as hide a review's image if they are inappropriate or irrelevant. You can also download your reviews' images to use in places outside of your Shopify store, as well as many more options!

In this article, we'll show the different ways you can interact with your reviews and how you can manage them.


How to Approve or Hide a Review

We send you a review notification email when a new review is submitted on one of your products. The email subject will contain the review's star ratings, so you can easily filter emails by subject. 

The email itself will include a preview of the review's text, photo/video (if there's one), rating, and the reviewer's details. 

You can approve, hide, or reply to the reviewer and download the review image in its original resolution directly from the email on desktop and mobile.

You can change the email address you'd like to receive review notifications to based on your preferences. To do this, go to the Managing new reviews section on your Loox Admin - Collect reviews settings menu, and insert your desired email address:

Note: If you wish to send review notification emails to multiple addresses, you can use your email provider's auto-forwarding feature. For example, here's how to do so on Gmail.

To provide your store’s visitors with full transparency regarding how your customers value and rate their purchases, Loox auto-publishes all new reviews submitted to your store by default. 

If you choose "Never", all reviews will need to be manually approved before being published on your store. 

Through the Loox admin:

To approve a review from your Loox admin, go to the Reviews tab on your Loox dashboard, click the "Approve" button on the relevant review to publish to your store: 

To hide a review, click the "Hide" button on the relevant review in your admin:

Note: Hiding a review will prevent it from appearing on your store's pages and does not count toward your product's average rating. 

Bulk Hide/Approve reviews:

All of your reviews are listed in chronological order by default in the Admin - Reviews tab. 

You can search and filter your reviews using the search bar and also make bulk actions accordingly. 

You can filter by product ID, product handle, name, and even ratings and status.

To hide or approve multiple reviews at once, click on the "Bulk actions" drop-down and select "Hide/Approve all reviews".

How to Download a Review's Photo

With Loox, you can easily access your reviews' UGC, allowing you to share them as you please.

To download a review's photo:

  • Go to the Reviews tab on your Loox admin
  • Scroll down or search for the review you wish to use
  • Click the three dots on the top-right of the photo.
  • Select "Download photo":

How to Hide a Review's Photo/Video

To hide a photo/video from appearing on the review, follow these steps:
  • In your Loox admin, go to the Reviews tab.
  • Scroll or search for the review you wish to change.
  • Click the 3 dots on the top right corner of the photo or video.
  • Select "Hide photo/video":

The review will now appear without the photo/video on all Loox widgets and a small "Hidden" icon will appear:

To Approve the review follow steps 1-3 and select "Approve photo/video".

Replying to Reviews

Loox encourages interaction with your customers beyond submitting a review. One of the best ways to do so is by replying to a submitted review.

You can thank a customer that posted a very positive review, or you can address an issue or concern raised by a negative review.
To publicly reply to a review, head over to the Reviews tab on your Loox app admin and click the "Reply" button on the relevant review:

Adding a reply to a review will notify your customer by email. The reply will also display publicly on the Product Reviews Widget. Once you add a reply, you will be able to edit it.
To privately reply to a review, click on the reviewer's name. This will open your default email service, and you'll be able to email the customer:

With “Featured reviews”, you can highlight selected reviews for each of your products.

Featured reviews are the first reviews shown on Product Reviews widgets set to only show a specific product's collection of reviews.  

Note: Widgets set to show reviews for multiple products (e.g., Popup widget, Happy customers page, Carousel Widgets, etc.) will not be affected.

To feature a review on your Product Reviews widget, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the relevant review on your Loox Admin - Reviews Tab.
  2. Click “More actions”.
  3. Click “Tag as featured.”

Reviews tagged as "Featured" will display a tag above the reviewer's name:

To remove the “Featured” tag from a specific review, follow these steps:

  1. Find the relevant review on your Loox Admin Reviews Tab.
  2. Click “More actions”.
  3. Click “Remove featured tag”.

Alternatively, you can click the “x” on the “Featured” tag that appears above the reviewer’s name.

Technical information:
  • The order in which your "Featured" reviews will appear on the Product Reviews widget is set by the order they were tagged as featured.
  • Featured reviews will only appear first when the product page widget’s sorting type is “Featured”.
  • You can feature up to 10 reviews on each of your store's products.

More Actions

There are additional actions you can take in regard to your reviews:

  • Tag as featured / Remove featured tag: When marking a review as featured, the review will be displayed first on the Product Reviews widgetYou can read more about it here.
  • Add / Removed verified badge: By default, Loox will display the "Verified purchase badge" for reviews submitted through a Loox review request email.
    If you have verified reviews from previous sources that are not marked as such, you can manually add or remove the "Verified review" badge. You can read more about Loox's transparency badges here
  • Add to / from carousel: Display or remove reviews on your Carousel Widgets. You can read more about it here.
  • Change product: You can move a review to a different, active product on your store.
    This is useful if a customer reviewed the wrong product, or you changed the product page and wish to move your reviews to the new page.
    If you wish to move all of a product's reviews to a different product page in bulk, please contact our Support team.
  • Delete review: Loox enables you to delete a review permanently. You can read more about it here.