Integrating Loox With Your Theme

When installing Loox for the first time, an option to integrate the app with your theme will be presented to you during the onboarding process, enabling the Loox Core Script and displaying the Loox Sidebar Widget on your pages right away.

Once the integration process is complete, you will be able to add any Loox Widget to your store pages using our built-in integration with Shopify’s 2.0 Themes editor.

Note: Changing your live theme will require you to integrate Loox with your new theme in order to display Loox widgets on it.

To integrate Loox with a specific theme (published or unpublished) directly from the Loox app:

  • Select the theme that you'd like to integrate Loox with from the dropdown:

  • Click “Add Loox to your theme”:

  • Inside the Shopify Theme Editor, click “Save” to apply the changes:

Note: If you are using Shopify's Store 2.0 themes (such as Dawn), integrate any Loox widget using our built-in integration with the Shopify Theme editor. Learn more

If you have more questions, contact our Support team at [email protected]. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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