Offering a Discount for Photo/Video Reviews

Loox allows you to give customers a discount for submitting a photo or video review.

You can offer two kinds of discount codes. Either a unique discount code that cannot be shared and can only be used once or a single code to all customers with rules you can define within Shopify.

Important: Loox will only provide discounts for customers who submitted a photo/video review, and not based on the rating.

In this article, we'll explore the types of discount codes you can create for photo/video reviews and how to set them up.


Unique Code for Each Review

When choosing this option, Loox will create a new code for every customer submitting a photo/video review. 

Once you enter the amount you wish to offer, Loox will create a discount code on Shopify. You'll be able to see all discount codes on your Shopify Discounts menu. Discount codes for photo/video reviews will appear as Loox Photo Reviews: LX-ABCD123.

Note: Loox's auto-generated discount codes are only supported on one-time purchases.

Additional settings:

Offer discounts for reviews from

  • On-site & review requests - Give the discount to both reviewers who submit a review on your store and those who submit a review through a review request.
  • Review requests only - Offer the discount to verified customers who submit a review through a review request only.

Discount code expires after: Set an expiration date for the discount codes. This can be set by selecting the length of time the discount will be active in the drop-down menu.

Single Code for All Customers

You can create a discount code within Shopify and apply it as the code given for photo/video reviews through Loox. Choosing this option allows you to create a discount code with specific rulings. These include limiting the code to specific collections or creating a minimum purchase amount for it. 

To create a discount in your Shopify store, follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to your Shopify Discounts menu.
  2. Click "Create discount".
  3. Create a discount with the rules you wish to apply.
  4. Click "Save discount".
  5. Enter the discount details in your discount settings, under Settings - Collect reviews.
  6. Click "Validate".

Discount Reminder Emails

Loox sends an email to any customer who received a discount, reminding them about the discount with a link to your store, where they can redeem it.

Loox will send these emails two weeks after creating the discount.

If there is an expiration date in the discount settings, Loox will send the reminder two weeks before the discount expires instead.

You can change the text of this and other emails, through the Collect Reviews settings menu, under Emails - Discount for photo/video review.