How do I offer a discount to customers submitting a photo review?

Loox offers you the option of giving customers a discount as an incentive for submitting reviews with photos.

Each customer that adds a photo to their review will receive a unique discount code that cannot be shared and can only be used once

To offer a discount, choose the type of discount you want to offer and the amount in your Loox settings:

Once you enter the amount you wish to offer, Loox will automatically create this discount code on your Shopify backend, and you'll be able to see all codes on your Shopify Discounts menu.

Who gets the discount?

These discounts will only be offered to reviewers who submitted a photo with their review.

You can choose to give the discount to all reviewers - both those who submit a review on your website and those who submit a review through a review request by choosing "On-site & review requests".

Or you can decide only to offer the discount to verified customers who submit a review through a review request by choosing "Review requests only" in the "Offer discount for reviews from" field:

If you wish to send the same code to all your customers:

First, you must create the discount code in Shopify.

To create a discount in your Shopify store, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to your Shopify Discounts menu
  2. Click on "Create discount"
  3. Create a discount
  4. Click "Save discount"
  5. Enter the discount details in the "Collect reviews" section of your Loox settings
  6. Click "Validate"

Once you create a discount in your Shopify store, you can set Loox to give this discount to customers who leave a photo review by filling the discount code in the "Discounts" section of your Loox settings: