Review Request Reminder Emails

Review request reminder emails are emails sent after the original review request, prompting your customers to write a review again.

Many times, customers would be happy to review your product, but your first review request email arrived when they were busy or haven't had a chance to use the product yet.

Reminder emails go out 7 days after the first review request email (only for items that weren't reviewed yet), reminding the customer you’re still awaiting their review. 

Reminder emails do not count as part of your 30-day review request emails quota.

You can edit the email in your Loox admin, under the Emails - Review Reminder email settings, located inside the Collect Reviews section: 

All usable placeholders for Review Request Reminder Emails:
  • [name] - The customer's first name.
  • [last_name] - The customer's last name.
  • [order_number] - The customer's order number.
  • [product] - The name of the product purchased.
  • [discount] - The discount incentive offered.