Review Request Reminder Emails

Increase your collection of reviews and gather valuable feedback about your products by reminding your customers to submit a review for their latest purchase with the help of the Review Request Reminder Email.

In case your customers missed the initial Review Request, set up a reminder to increase the likelihood of your happy customers sharing their feedback.

Review Request Reminder emails go out 7 days after the first review request email was sent, and no review was submitted by the customer.

Reminder emails do not count as part of your Loox monthly email quota.

You can edit its content in the email’s dedicated settings page.

All usable placeholders for Review Request Reminder Emails:

  • [name] - The customer's first name.
  • [last_name] - The customer's last name.
  • [order_number] - The customer's order number.
  • [product] - The name of the product purchased.
  • [discount] - The discount incentive offered.

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