Review request email timing

By default, the review request emails will be sent out 14 days after the order fulfillment This can be customized according to your preferences. 

You should keep in mind your delivery and handling times, your product experience, and the amount of time you believe customers need to form an opinion on your products.

To change your email timing, simply head over to the Email timing field on the "Review request email" section of your 'Collect reviews' settings and change it to whatever timing suits you best.

The timing can be set as soon as 'Right after', which will send the email within less than 24-hours, or up to 70 days after a customer's purchase, after your fulfillment of a customer's order, or based on the delivery of the product

When your email timing is set to schedule emails after fulfillment, review request emails will be scheduled only when the Order's status is changed to "Fulfilled" – if an order is not fulfilled, a review request email will not be scheduled for that order.

You can check your email schedule by heading over to the "Orders" tab in your Loox dashboard.

Note: Review request emails to past customers are marked with a [bonus] tag.