I'm not able to import reviews from AliExpress

How many reviews can I import per product?

Loox Scans the first 100 reviews on the AliExpress product page ( 20 on the Basic plan) that match the filters you set before clicking "Preview & Import"

You are able to import any number, out of those reviews that were scanned, to your Shopify product page.

I cannot pick a product

  • Please make sure you are searching for the specific product's URL and not the title
  • There might be an extension installed on your browser which is interfering with the AliExpress importer and stopping you from being able to choose the product you wish.
    • To fix this, please open an incognito browser and try to import your reviews again.
    • To open an incognito browser on chrome press Ctrl+Shift+N (on mac Cmnd+Shift+N)
    • If you are still unable to choose a product, please try using a different browser.

No reviews matched your filter

If you see this error, it means that there are not enough reviews on the AliExpress product page you are importing from that match the filters you set.

If you receive the error above, please change the filtering options and try importing again:

If you are still unable to import the reviews or need any further assistance, please contact our support and we'd be more than happy to help!