Importing Reviews from Shineon

The Loox + ShineOn integration allows you to import reviews from confirmed customers of your ShineOn product onto your store.

How to Activate the Integration:

After installing ShineOn on your store, go into the ShineOn app admin:

Create and publish your product:

On your newly created product, select "Import Reviews" under the "INSTA REVIEWS" section:

This will open up your Loox app admin, which will allow you to view the first 20 reviews for that product on ShineOn's product page and you can approve or reject any number of reviews you'd like out of these 20 reviews:

These reviews will then automatically appear on your product page (If you do not see them, please try to refresh the page by pressing Ctrl+F5 / on Mac: ⌘+R  and check again):

You can also refer to ShineOn's Insta Reviews' help article for further information:

Note: Loox will only scan the first 20 reviews on any specific ShineOn product page and will allow you to choose any number of reviews within those. On subsequent attempts to import reviews from ShineOn, Loox will show you any of the previously rejected reviews to add to your product.

If you do not have Loox installed on your store, clicking the "Import Reviews" button will take you to the Shopify app listing for Loox where you will be able to install Loox on your store.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact our support and we'll be happy to help!