App Charges and Billing

Important: Shopify manages all app charges and billing cycles according to their policy here.

Billing Information

  • Upon choosing any of the Loox plans, you approve the subscription charges that are entailed. The charge is created upon choosing the plan and will apply immediately after finishing your trial period with Loox, with no need for further confirmation. This includes usage charges that may incur on the Growth plan, as well as the legacy Enterprise Usage plan.
  • The Beginner plan is an introductory plan, which is available for the first 500 orders after finishing your Loox trial. Upon reaching 500 orders in the Beginner plan, access to the Loox admin will be blocked. All customer-facing widgets will remain on your store, and charges for the plan will continue. You can read more about it here: Using the Loox Beginner Plan
  • Every 30-day subscription charge for Loox is created at the beginning of the billing period (for the 30 days ahead). While the Loox billing period and the Shopify billing period might be separate, your 30-day Shopify bill will include the fee for Loox.

Uninstalling\Pausing\Changing Your Plan

  • Shopify will stop all future app charges from being triggered only once an app is removed from a store. This does not include any pending charge that has already been created.
  • If you pause your store, it will be unpaused by Shopify exactly 90-days later, and app charges will apply again. Loox charges will still occur when on the Pause and Build plan.
  • You can change your Loox plan at any time by going to View plans in your Loox Dashboard: 

    When downgrading an app subscription, Shopify should trigger an automatic "application downgrade adjustment" to prorate the price difference between the two plans. This downgrade adjustment is given in the form of app credit, and the size is based on the number of days you were subscribed to each plan.

Finding Your Shopify Invoice

You can find your Shopify invoice in your Shopify billing settings.

You can find more information on your Shopify invoice here:

The invoice should look like this:

For further information regarding app charges and billing, we suggest contacting Shopify's support team at [email protected]