Importing Reviews From AliExpress

Import your AliExpress supplier’s product reviews to Loox using our one-click import method. 

In this article, we'll explain how to import your reviews from AliExpress to Loox and how to add the AliExpress importer button to your bookmarks bar.

Adding the “Import to Loox” tab to your browser bookmarks

To use the Loox AliExpress import method, add an import button to your browser’s bookmarks bar.

To add the “Import to Loox” button to your bookmarks bar:

  • Make sure your browser’s bookmarks bar is visible.

Tip: Most browsers support the ctrl+shift+B shortcut to make the bookmarks bar visible (cmd+shift+B on Mac computers).

  • In the "Import Reviews" section of the Loox app, go to “One-click import from AliExpress״.
  • Drag and drop the "Import to Loox" button into your bookmarks bar:

Importing reviews from AliExpress to Loox

To import reviews from AliExpress using the “Import to Loox“ tab:

  • Complete the steps above to add the “Import to Loox” to your bookmarks tab.
  • Go to the AliExpress product page you'd like to import your reviews from.
  • Click the "Import to Loox" button on your bookmarks bar.
  • Select the product you would like to import the reviews to, and filter which reviews you would like to import.
  • Click "Preview & import".

When you see the “Import completed” screen, your newly imported reviews will be available for you to manage in your Loox app’s “Manage Reviews” settings section:

Note: To protect customers’ privacy, AliExpress censors reviewers' names with stars (C****s) or by replacing the name with "Shopper".

Reviews imported using the AliExpress import method will show reviewers’ names formatted to match AliExpress’ customer privacy policy by displaying the uncensored letters of the reviewer’s name as matching our “First initial, last initial (J. S.)” format setting:

Importer filter options

  • Import to - Select the product you would like the reviews to be associated to.
  • Reviews to scan - The number of reviews you would like to import (per import).

Importing 100 reviews per import is available on the Scale Plan and above.

  • Rating - Filter the reviews you import based on their rating (e.g., 4 stars and up, 5 stars only).
  • Reviews from - Import only reviews originating from the country selected.
  • Translate - Translate the reviews imported to a language of your choice.
  • Fetch most recent reviews - When checked, Loox will import reviews in chronological order, from newest to oldest. 
  • Only reviews with photos - When checked, only reviews with photos attached will be imported.
  • Import variant information (item types) - When checked, each imported review will also include the product’s variant type purchased by the customer.

Note: Importing multiple photos for the same Aliexpress review is not currently supported.

Troubleshooting tips

In some cases where the AliExpress Import process doesn't go as planned, there are multiple actions you can take to ensure the import process works as expected:

  • When importing reviews from your AliExpress product page, make sure to use the domain and not a variant of the site based on your locale (.de/.fr/.uk, etc.).
  • We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when using the Loox AliExpress importer.
  • If you followed the steps above and the import process still failed, contact our support team at [email protected] and send us the complete HTML version of your AliExpress Product page. We would be more than happy to help you import your reviews from our back end!

To create a complete HTML file of your page:

  • On your AliExpress product page, right-click on the page.
  • Click "Save as":

  • Open the "Format" dropdown menu, and select "Webpage, Complete":

If you have more questions, contact our Support team at [email protected].

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