Importing Reviews From a Spreadsheet

Import reviews collected from any previous source using our Review Import Template file.

In this article, we will cover the process of importing reviews to Loox using our Review import Template file, and how to format your reviews’ data to match the file’s format.

Importing reviews using the Loox Review Import Template file

To import your reviews using the Loox Review Import Template file:

  • Click here to create a copy of the Loox Review Import Template file:

  • Fill in your reviews information according to the template file format (to learn more, proceed to the section below).
  • Download your completed Review Import Template as a CSV file:

  • Inside the Loox app’s “Import Reviews” page, open the “Import from a spreadsheet” tab:

  • Click “Upload template file” and select your newly downloaded CSV file:

  • Once your import process is complete, a confirmation will appear, and your reviews will appear in the “Manage Review” settings section:

We will send a Review Import Summary email to the address listed on your Shopify account. This email specifies how many reviews were successfully imported into your account. 

If some of the reviews listed in your CSV file failed to import, the email will also contain a new CSV file consisting of all failed reviews, you can modify the data of the reviews listed on this file to match our Template file’s format, allowing you to successfully import the reviews. 

To learn more about fixing errors on imported CSV files, click here.

Note: Our Import Review template file only supports up to 100,000 reviews per import. Once you exceed the 100.000 reviews mark, the following message will appear in your Reviews Import Summary email:

Formatting your review data

In order to import your reviews into your Loox account, your reviews’ data and information must match our Template file format.

The Loox Reviews Import Template has the following format:

Column Title Description Example
product_handle (Required)  The handle is the last part of the product URL (after "/products/").For example, for this product:, the handle is blue-t-shirt. blue-t-shirt 
rating (Required)  Valid values are 1/2/3/4/5. Use whole numbers only. 
author (Required)  The reviewer’s name. The name will appear on the review exactly as listed here. John D. 
email   The reviewer's email address. If you don’t have the customer’s email address leave this field empty. [email protected] 
body (Required)  The review text. All reviews must include text. Great shirt, I loved it! 
created_at (Required)  The review submission date. Must be in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD. 2020-01-09

A public URL of the review’s image.

For reviews with multiple photos, add all image URLs separated by commas under this column. 
verified_purchase  Adding "TRUE" will add a "Verified purchase" disclaimer to the review. Leaving this cell empty will not label the review as a “Verified purchase” TRUE

Note: For multiple photos to be imported for the same review, add all image URLs under the "photo_url" column, separated by a comma.

Tip: If you don’t have a public photo URL for one of your review’s images, you can create one by following these instructions:

  • Save the relevant image to your computer.
  • Inside your Shopify Admin Settings, go to Files.
  • Click "Upload files".
  • Choose one of the images and upload it.
  • Copy its photo URL from the "URL" column once it has been uploaded.

If you have more questions, contact our Support team. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help!

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