Loox Post-purchase Upsell

Promote select products during your customers' checkout process, increasing your sales total value using our Post-Purchase Upsell page.

Give your customers the option to add an additional product to their order at a discounted price without requiring them to re-enter their personal and payment information.

When enabled, the Loox Post-purchase Upsell page will appear when a customer completes a purchase on your store before the order summary page (“Thank you” page).

The page will display your selected product’s average rating and latest reviews, using social proof to increase your offer’s conversion rate.

This article will guide you through setting up a Loox Post-purchase Upsell offer, creating multiple offers, and customizing the upsell page’s appearance and text, as well as other important information to note.

Selecting Loox as your post-purchase selected app

In order to enable the Loox Post-purchase Upsell page on your store, you must first choose Loox as your post-purchase page app inside your Shopify Admin settings..

To select Loox as your Post-purchase page app:

  • Inside your Shopify Admin settings, go to “Checkout”.
  • Go to the “Post-purchase page” section, and select “Loox”:

  • Click “Save”.

Now you can enable the Loox Upsell page inside its dedicated settings page and start upselling!

Setting up a Loox Post-purchase Upsell offer

To add a Loox Post-purchase Upsell offer to your checkout process:

  • Select your preferred upsell offer trigger:

  • Select the product you would like to offer your customers on the upsell page:

  • Set the offer settings and options:

  • Click “Set live”.

Your new upsell offer will now appear during your customers' checkout.

Tip: To automatically offer the product most likely to be bought together with your customer’s cart, use our Smart Upsell feature.

Creating multiple upsell offers

Create multiple upsell offers to ensure your post-purchase offers connect with your customers' purchases.

By creating multiple upsell offers, you can offer a different type of product based on the customer's initial purchase, offering them the most relevant and beneficial offer to complement their newly purchased product.

To create a new upsell offer:

  • Select your preferred upsell offer trigger:

  • Select the product you would like to offer your customers on the upsell page:

  • Set the offer settings and options:

  • Click “Set live”.

Once you have created multiple upsell offers on your account, you can adjust their priority so in the case where multiple upsell offers are triggered by the same product, the offer given to your customers will be triggered based on the priority set in your account.

To change your upsell offers priority:

  • In the "Upsell" settings page, click "Manage priority":

  • Drag and drop your upsell offers to set your preferred priority, and click "Save priority"

Note: By default, Loox will set the priority of your multiple upsell offers from oldest to newest,

Customization options

Within each of your upsell offers' settings pages, you can find multiple customization options and settings to match your Post-purchase Upsell page with your brand. 


  • Changes applied to one upsell offer will not apply to all. To ensure all of your offers match your brand's design, adjust and customize all of your created upsell offers.
  • To save your changes, click “Set live” at the bottom of your upsell offer's settings page to ensure your changes and adjustments will apply.

You can access each offer's settings page by clicking on its "pencil" icon button:

The customization options are:

Offer a discount

Offer a discount to help encourage your customers to add your promoted product to their orders.

To set up a discount for your upsell promoted product:

  • Inside your upsell trigger’s settings page, go to “Offer a discount”.
  • Open the “Discount type” dropdown menu, and select a discount type:

  • Enter the discount amount:

  • Click “Set live”.

Product reviews

Select up to 3 reviews you would like to display on your upsell offer.


  • By default, the Post-purchase Upsell page will display your product’s most recent high-rating photo reviews.
  • If the selected product has no reviews collected, your Post-purchase Upsell page will not display any reviews. 

Quantity selector

Allow your customers to purchase more than one unit of your upsell-promoted product, by adding the quantity selector. 


Add a countdown timer to your upsell page to create a sense of urgency on the deal and urge your customers to complete their purchase within a defined time frame:


Add a shipping fee to your upsell promoted product. This will be an additional fee even if the original order had free shipping. 

The shipping fee can be set to charge per unit or for the entire upsell offer.

To add a shipping fee to your upsell offer:

  • Inside your upsell trigger’s settings page, go to Shipping.
  • Open the dropdown menu and select “Charge for Shipping” (By default, this is set to “no additional fee”):

  • Enter the shipping fee you would like to charge:

Skip offer if the product is in the original order

Prevent customers who already have the upsell promoted product included in their original order from seeing your Post-purchase Upsell page.

Note: By default, we will promote the selected product on all orders completed in your store, regardless of whether the customer bought the product in their initial order.

Text customization

Customize the text displayed on your Post-purchase Upsell page:

  • Offer title text: Adjust the header text section of the page. You can insert your timer's countdown with a [time] placeholder.
  • Offer subtitle text: Adjust the text under the timer banner’s title (appears only if a discount is set). You can insert your discount amount with a [discount] placeholder.
  • Discount label: Adjust the text used to promote your discount offer next to your product’s pricing section (appears only if a discount is set). You can insert your discount amount with a [discount] placeholder.


Preview your Loox Upsell page and see how it appears on your customers' end.

You view the upsell page on both Desktop and Mobile views before you set it live:

Additional Information

  • According to Shopify's Post-purchase product offers information page, there are several different limitations and key factors that might cause an upsell offer to not appear during your customers' checkout, ranging from third-party payment providers, use of gift cards or any other method other than credit card as the payment method, and more. You can read all about the different limitations here.
  • While the customer is viewing your upsell page, the original order's status is changed to "On-hold". If the customer does not interact with the upsell page (for example, closing the page's tab on their browser or leaving it open without responding to the offer), the order's status will remain "On-hold" for 60 minutes. The upsell offer will be declined if there is no response within 60 minutes, and the original order will be completed.
  • If the selected product runs out of stock, the upsell page will not appear during your customers' checkout. To override this, enable the "Continue selling when out of stock" setting on your product’s Shopify settings page:

Note: If you have selected a product that is out-of-stock, a notification will appear, allowing you to either change the upsell product or continue as is:

If you have more questions, contact our Support team at [email protected]. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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