Loox Post-Purchase Upsell

Add photo reviews to post-purchase upsell offers

The Loox Post-purchase Upsell page enables you to promote specific products during the customer checkout process with the aim of increasing the total sale value of their order, which in turn grows your store's sales numbers. This page appears after the order is confirmed but before the “thank you” page.

By upselling your products on a post-purchase page, you give your customers the option to add an additional product to their order at a discounted rate without requiring them to re-enter their personal and payment information. In this way, they can increase their order without additional friction.

When enabled, the Loox Post-purchase Upsell page showcases the additional product with its photo reviews and the Loox Rating widget, increasing the page's social proof and conversion rate.

Enabling Loox Upsell

In order to enable the Loox Post-purchase Upsell page on your store, you must first select Loox as your post-purchase page app.

Selecting Loox as your post-purchase app

You can select Loox as your post-purchase app by following these steps:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, open “Settings”:

  2. Inside your Shopify settings, select “Checkout and accounts”:

  3. In the “Checkout and accounts” settings, scroll down until you reach the "Post-purchase page" section. In that section, select “Loox” as your app:

And that’s it!

You can now enable the Loox Upsell page from the "Loox Upsell" settings section and start upselling!

To learn more about how to enable your Loox Post-purchase Upsell page, read the section below. 

Setting up your Loox Post-purchase Upsell page

In order to showcase the Loox Post-purchase Upsell page on your store, after selecting Loox as your post-purchase app, you need to create a new upsell offer in your Loox Upsell settings:

Once you have configured your trigger, select the product you would like to promote on your upsell page:

After selecting your desired product, Loox provides multiple options to customize your upsell page according to your preferences:


This option enables you to preview your Loox Upsell page and see how it appears on your customers' end.

You can test how the Upsell page appears on both Desktop and Mobile views:

Offer a discount

Once you have selected your product, you can set a discount for it to incentivize your customers to add it to their purchase.

Product reviews

In its default state, the Loox Upsell page will display your promoted product's 3 most recent 4 or 5-star photo reviews below the product's main image. 

Alternatively, you can manually choose the reviews displayed on the page by selecting 3 photo reviews of that product:

Quantity selector

Loox also provides you with the option to showcase a quantity selector, offering your customers the option to purchase multiple units of the product you are promoting on your upsell page.


By enabling this option, Loox will add a countdown timer to your upsell page, urging your customers to complete their purchase within the set time limit:


Due to Shopify limitations, if the original order does not include shipping costs, the promoted product will not require any shipping payment unless configured otherwise.

When set to "Charge shipping fee", you can adjust the shipping cost of the promoted product, even in cases where the original order did not include any shipping charges.

You can configure the shipping cost to be charged per unit or for the entire upsell offer.

In its default state, this setting is set to "No additional fee".

Skip offer if the product is in the original order

In its default state, the Loox Upsell page will promote the selected product on all orders coming into your store – including orders where that product was already purchased. Enabling this setting allows you to prevent the Loox Upsell page from appearing for customers who purchased the promoted product in their original order.

Text customization

The following text fields enable you to customize the text appearing on your upsell page:

  • Offer title text: Adjusts the first portion of the text that appears on the timer banner on top of your upsell page (if enabled). Use the [time] placeholder to include the time limit set.
  • Offer subtitle text: Adjusts the second portion of the text that appears on the timer banner on top of your upsell page (if enabled). Use the [discount] placeholder to include the discount offered.
  • Discount label: Adjusts the text of the discount section next to the pricing of the promoted product (if enabled). Use the [discount] placeholder to include the discount amount set. 

Now that you have set your Loox Post-purchase Upsell page according to your preferences, the page will automatically appear during your customer checkout process.

Loox will promote the product on a unique page, showcasing the product's information and rating icons.

Note: In cases where the product does not have any photo reviews, no reviews will be displayed.

Important Information

  • According to Shopify's Post-purchase checkout extensions information page, your Loox Post-purchase Upsell page will only appear on orders that were purchased with a credit card number attached. In scenarios where the customer chooses to check out with an installment service or a wallet service (such as Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay), the upsell page will not appear.
  • While the customer is viewing your upsell page, the original order's status is changed to "On-hold". If the customer does not interact with the upsell page (for example, closes the page's tab on their browser or leaves it open without responding to the offer), the order's status will remain as "On-hold" for 60 minutes. Once the hour passes with no response, the upsell offer will be declined, and the original order will be completed.
  • The Loox Post-purchase Upsell page is available to all Loox customers. The page is limited to $100 (USD) in revenue on the Loox Beginner plan and $1000 (USD) on the Loox Growth plan:

    Loox Plan Revenue limit
    Beginner $100
    Growth $1000
    Unlimited Unlimited
    Once the monthly upsell revenue limit is exceeded, the Loox Post-purchase Upsell page will no longer appear on your customer checkout process until your monthly billing cycle resets.

    You can keep track of your store's Upsell Performance statistics on your Loox Admin Dashboard page:

  • In cases where the selected product ran out of stock, the Loox Upsell page will not appear to your customers unless the selected product has the "Continue selling when out of stock" setting enabled on its Shopify product settings page:If you have selected a product that is out-of-stock, the below error message will appear, allowing you to either change the upsell product or continue as is: