Customizing Your Branding Settings

Want the Loox widgets and emails to fit seamlessly with your store’s branding?

You’ve come to the right place! Your store's branding can be customized using Loox's Branding settings.

Below you can find everything you need to customize your Loox widgets and emails.

To add your logo, click on the "Upload file" button in your Admin's Settings - Branding page, and select an image:

If your logo's image file is too large, try resizing it using this online tool.  

Choosing your widgets' default corner radius

Our widgets come with a variety of corner radius options, so you can customize their look to match your store.

To choose your widgets' default corner radius design, follow the steps below:

  • From the "Corner radius" setting's dropdown, select your desired corner radius design:

Customizing your store's Rating icons

To edit the Rating Icons displayed on your store, go to the General Appearance setting within your Loox Admin Settings - Branding,

The changes are automatically applied to all of your Loox Reviews, Rating, and Carousel widgets, as well as to your Upsell page’s Rating widget. 

To change the color of the Rating icons, follow the steps below:

  • Click inside the text field of the color picker:

  • Select the color you want:

  • Alternatively, you can manually insert a specific color hex code in the text field itself instead:

Selecting your widgets’ font

To change the font of your widgets, click "Font" and choose a font from the drop-down menu or type in a specific font. 

By default, the font is set to "Poppins", and we support all Google Fonts.

Loox Branding

To remove all Loox branding from your store’s pages, select “Hidden” from the dropdown:

This option is available on the Scale plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

To add a default email banner to all of your Loox emails, switch on “Enable email banners”. If you’d like to customize the image, click the icon pictured below and upload your own unique image. 

Want some inspiration? Check out our interactive slideshow to see examples of other merchants' email banners.

Note: Banner images must be uploaded in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, up to 5 MB. The header image will be displayed in 500px width. For best results, upload an image between 500-1200px wide.

Customizing your emails’ appearance

You can use one of the default options, which is either Boxed or Modern. 

  • Boxed: Adds a grey background to the email.
  • Modern is a borderless email.

See examples below:


  • Custom allows you to customize all the email elements: 
  • Email's background-color
  • Text's background-color
  • Text's color
  • Button's background-color
  • Button's border-color
  • Button's title color
  • Email's font & font size

Follow these steps to configure your Loox emails' appearance:

  1. To customize your email appearance select Custom:

  2. Customize all the email elements using the color selector or insert your desired color hex code

These changes will apply to all Loox emails sent to your customers, including review request emails and referrals emails.

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