Creating A Dedicated Referral Page On Store 2.0 Themes

With the dedicated Loox Referral page, you can instantly turn your visitors and customers into brand advocates.

The article below will help you create a dedicated Loox Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor and all the customization options available.

Creating your Loox Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor

To create a dedicated Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor:

  • Inside your Shopify Theme menu, click "Customize":

  • Inside the Theme Editor. click on the page template dropdown menu:

  • Open "Pages":

  • Click "Create template":

  • Name your page and click "Create template":

  • Inside your new page template, click "Add section" under "Template", and select "Onsite Referral Widget":

  • Click "Save".
  • Inside your Shopify Admin's "Pages" menu, click "Add page":

  • Give your page a name, and select your newly created page template:

  • Click "save".

Now that your page is set up and ready to go, feel free to add it to your store's navigation bar/menu from the Shopify Navigation menu.

Using our built-in integration with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 themes, you can also customize the Onsite Referral Widget directly from the Theme Editor.

The Customization options are:

  • Maximum Width: Adjust the widget's maximum width.
  • Layout: Select "Display Photo" to display your own custom image or a Shopify "Free image" on the widget. When set to "No Photo", the Onsite Referral Widget will only display text.
  • Primary color: Choose the color of the "Get Discount Link" button. This overrides the default color set in your Loox app "Onsite Referrals" settings page.
  • Text color: Choose the color of the widget's text.
  • Text field border color: Choose the color of the border lines around the widget's text fields.
  • Background: Choose the color of the widget's background.

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