Creating A Dedicated Referral Page

With the dedicated Loox Referral page, you can instantly turn your visitors and customers into brand advocates.

The article below will help you create a dedicated Loox Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor and all the customization options available.

Creating your Loox Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor

To create a dedicated Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor:

  • Inside your Shopify Theme menu, click "Customize":

  • Inside the Theme Editor. click on the page template dropdown menu:

  • Open "Pages":

  • Click "Create template":

  • Name your page and click "Create template":

  • Inside your new page template, click "Add section" under "Template", and select "Onsite Referral Widget":

  • Click "Save".
  • Inside your Shopify Admin's "Pages" menu, click "Add page":

  • Give your page a name, and select your newly created page template:

  • Click "save".

Now that your page is set up and ready to go, feel free to add it to your store's navigation bar/menu from the Shopify Navigation menu.

Using our built-in integration with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 themes, you can also customize the Onsite Referral Widget directly from the Theme Editor.

The Customization options are:

  • Maximum Width: Adjust the widget's maximum width.
  • Layout: Select "Display Photo" to display your own custom image or a Shopify "Free image" on the widget. When set to "No Photo", the Onsite Referral Widget will only display text.
  • Primary color: Choose the color of the "Get Discount Link" button. This overrides the default color set in your Loox app "Onsite Referrals" settings page.
  • Text color: Choose the color of the widget's text.
  • Text field border color: Choose the color of the border lines around the widget's text fields.
  • Background: Choose the color of the widget's background.

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