Sharing Reviews Across Product Groups

Share and display your customers' reviews between multiple products by grouping your products together.

Product groups are available on the Scale plan and above. Click here to upgrade your plan.

Grouping products together allows you to share your reviews between identical products displayed on different product pages.

Once created, all products within a group would share reviews between them on an ongoing basis. 

Tip: We recommend grouping identical products together to share reviews between them.

For example, a “Shirt” group consists of 3 different t-shirt designs of the same product:

  • T-shirt design 1
  • T-shirt design 2
  • T-shirt design 3

When grouped together, the Product Reviews Widget displayed on each product page will include the reviews of all 3 T-shirt designs (T-shirt design 1+2+3).

Creating a new product group

To group multiple products together:

  • Inside the Loox app's "General" settings page, go to "Product groups":

  • Click "Add new group":

  • Name the group and click “Select products”:

  • Select the products you would like to group together and click “add”:

  • Click “Save new group”:

That's it! Your products will now share reviews across their group.

Product thumbnails

Once your product group has been created, store visitors will be able to see the original product associated with each review through product thumbnails visible on the Product Reviews Widget:

To turn this setting on/off:

  • Inside the Loox app's "General" settings page, go to "Product groups":

  • Toggle "Show product thumbnails in grouping" on/off:

If you have more questions or need assistance with grouping your products together in bulk, contact our Support team. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help!

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