What Permissions Does Loox Ask for and Why

During installation, Loox requires a number of permissions in order to function as intended.

The permissions required are:

  • View Shopify Account Data - Third-party apps require access to your store's Shopify URL, locale, and currency format.
  • Edit Customers -  According to Shopify's terms of service, third-party apps must report unsubscribing customers to the merchant's "Customers" list, syncing the information with all other marketing apps and services.
  • Edit Marketing - Revenue generated for your store driven by Loox emails and widgets will be reflected on your Shopify Admin using Shopify's "Marketing Events".
  • Edit Orders - Your store's order information, including - Customers' names, emails, order dates and products purchased, will be synced to Loox for scheduling review request emails (including Bonus Review Request emails sent to past customers).
  • Edit Other Data - Using this data, Loox can automatically generate unique discount codes for your customers on your behalf.
  • Edit Products - Using this data, Loox can sync your products' images and information when sending review request emails to your customers.
  • Edit Your Online Store - Integrates Loox with your store's theme.

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