Rewarding Loyalty Points with Smile

By integrating Loox with Smile, you can reward reviewing customers with store points instead of a straight discount.

Additionally, by using store points with Smile, you can reward customers who left a text-only review.

The Loox + Smile integration is available on the Scale plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

To reward your customers with Smile points for submitting a review, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure both Loox and Smile are installed on your store.
  2. Inside your "Integrations" settings section, go to "".
  3. Click "Activate integration":

  4. Click "Integrate" and then "Authorize".
  5. In your Smile Points menu, click "Add ways to earn":

  6. Scroll to "SMILE APPS" and select "Submit a review" from the list:

  7. Enter the number of points you wish to give in exchange for leaving a review.
  8. Click "Create".
  9. Customize the action (Display, Earning limit/condition, and Entry conditions).
  10. Follow steps 6-9 again, this time selecting "Submit a photo" to incentivize users further for submitting a photo/video with their review.
  11. Click "Save".

Note: If a customer submits a photo or a video review, they will receive points for submitting a review and for submitting a photo/video. E.g., if you set 300 points for a review and 300 points for a photo, a customer submitting a photo/video review will receive 600 points in total.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact our Support team at [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to help!

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