Rewarding Loyalty Points with Smile

Reward your customers with store points for their reviews by integrating Loox with Smile.

Using our integration, you can offer store credits based on customers' ratings, and reviews that include a photo or video as an alternative to discounts, incentivizing your customers to leave honest and helpful reviews.

The Loox + Smile integration is available on the Scale plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

To reward your customers with Smile points for submitting a review, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Loox Admin. 
  2. Inside your "Integrations" settings section, go to "".
  3. Click "Activate integration":

  • Open the "Smile" app.
  • Inside the “Program” menu, go to “Points”
  • Click "Add ways to earn":

  • Under "SMILE APPS", select "Submit a review":

  • Set the value of store points you’d like to reward your customers with for leaving a review.
  • Click "Create".
  • Customize the action.
  • Click "Save".
  • To reward customers for submitting a photo/video review, follow steps 6-9, this time selecting “Submit a photo” under “SMILE APPS”:

Note: Customers will receive points for both submitting a review and adding a photo/video to their review if you reward both actions. For example, if you reward 300 points for submitting a review and 300 points for a photo/video review, a customer submitting a photo/video review will receive 600 points in total.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team at [email protected].

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