Sending Review Requests via Push Notifications with PushOwl

Loox enables you to collect customer reviews using web push notifications through PushOwl.

Click here to install PushOwl.

Learn how to integrate PushOwl with Loox.

Notes about the PushOwl integration:

  • PushOwl will only send push notifications to customers who opted-in to receive those.
  • For each order, we'll select one product to request a review for. We will include the product name in the push notification's body, and the product image as well. We will also encourage customers to review other items from the order (if exist).
  • We will send push notifications at the same timing defined for the review request email.
  • You can test this out by sending yourself a manual review request through the "Orders" settings section. Please make sure to accept push notifications from your store first.

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