Understanding Loox-Driven Sales

Loox-Driven Sales reflect the revenue generated by customers who made new purchases thanks to Loox features.
Loox-driven sales are divided into three main steps along the customer journey:
  • Purchases made through a Loox discount code.
  • Purchases made after interactions with shared reviews through social media and referrals.
  • Purchases made after a customer interacted with Loox widgets on your store.

Here are the different types of Loox-Driven Sales:

  • Retention Revenue - Customers who used the discount code they received when submitting a photo review. This also includes returning customers who came to your store after interacting with one of the Loox emails (Review request, Review reminder, Discount email).

  • Acquisition Revenue - Customers who made a purchase after coming to your store through Loox Referrals or any of our SEO services (Google integrations, Facebook integration, etc).

  • Conversion Revenue - Customers who interacted with a Loox widget on your store before completing a purchase. For example, Clicking a review in the grid or clicking the Popup widget that leads them to the product page.

If an order on your store was a Loox-driven sale, a tag mentioning this will be added to the order itself, both on Shopify and the Orders tab on Loox. 

you can refer to the table below to understand what every tag means:

Tag Meaning
Loox Reviews - Photo Review Discount Purchase made using the discount code Loox generates for photo reviews.
Loox Referrals - Friend Discount Purchase made by a customer referred to your store through a unique referral link.
Loox Referrals - Advocate Reward Purchase made by an advocate, redeeming their reward.
Loox Reviews - Review Request Email Purchase made by a customer directly after submitting a review (clicked "Continue" once the review was submitted).
Loox Reviews - Photo Reminder Email Purchase made by a customer after submitting a photo due to reminder email (clicked "Continue" once the photo was submitted).
Loox Reviews - Social Media Share Purchase made by a customer referred to your store by a review shared on social media
Loox Reviews - SEO Purchase made by a customer referred to your store through one of Loox's SEO services.