What are Loox-Driven Sales?

Loox-Driven Sales reflect the revenue generated from traffic driven to your store through Loox content, and sales made after a consumer interacted with any of the Loox widgets on your store. Here are the different types of Loox-Driven Sales:

  • Discount redeemed - Customers who used the discount code they received in exchange for submitting a photo review.
  • Loox Widget - Customers who interacted with a Loox widget on your store and then completed the purchase. (Eg. Clicking a review in the grid or clicking the Popup widget that leads them to the product page)
  • Social - Customers who made a purchase after being directed to your store through a Loox review that was shared to social media.
  • Email - Returning Customers who were directed to your store from an interaction in one of the Loox emails ( Eg. Review request, Review reminder, Discount email)
  • Loox SEO - Customers who made a purchase after visiting a dedicated Loox SEO page
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