Understanding Loox-driven sales

Loox-Driven Sales reflect the revenue generated by customers who made new purchases thanks to Loox features, purchases made after interactions with shared reviews through social media and referrals, and sales made after a customer interacted with any of the Loox widgets on your store. Here are the different types of Loox-Driven Sales:

  • Retention Revenue - Customers who used the discount code they received in exchange for submitting a photo review, as well as returning customers who were directed to your store from interaction with one of the Loox emails (Eg. Review request, Review reminder, Discount email).

  • Acquisition Revenue - Customers who made a purchase after being directed to your store through a Loox review that was shared to social media, as well as any new customers completing a purchase through Loox

  • Conversion Revenue - Customers who interacted with a Loox widget on your store and then completed the purchase. (Eg. Clicking a review in the grid or clicking the Popup widget that leads them to the product page).