Bonus Review Request Emails

When you first install Loox, you can send review requests to past customers (fulfilled Shopify orders) from the past 90-days.
These requests are bonus requests and come at no extra cost. Loox won't count these requests against your email quota.
Bonus review requests are the best way to generate reviews right after installation and fuel your store with social proof.

If you did not send bonus requests during your onboarding, you could schedule them through your Dashboard by clicking "Schedule bonus emails":

The Bonus review requests will follow your set email timing (14-days after fulfillment by default).
Any orders that passed your email timing will be sent 24-48 hours after enabling the Bonus emails.

Loox will send out bonus emails up to 90-days back from the time they are scheduled and not from the install time.

Bonus emails will appear with a [Bonus] tag on the Orders tab:

If you wish to send review request emails to orders older than 90-days, you can do so by sending an email that includes a link to review a product. Click here to learn how to do so.