Photo/Video Reminder Emails

Photo/video reminders ask your customers to add a photo or video to their textual review. Loox sends these emails three days after a customer submitted the review, and they don't count against your 30-day email quota.

Photo/video reminders effectively get customers to add a photo or video to their text review. Especially in cases where customers didn't have one available when they submitted their review.

On the Collect Reviews section of your Loox settings, you can choose whether to:

  • Always send photo/video reminders for reviews with 4 stars and up.
  • Always send photo/video reminders for 5-star reviews only.
  • Ask the reviewer if they'd like a reminder while they are posting their review.
  • Never send photo/video reminders.

You can customize the texts of photo/video reminder emails under the Settings - Customize text section of your Loox admin: