Customizing your Review request emails

Through your settings, you can customize any of the emails we send, from review requests to referrals. This article will cover how to edit the logo, subject line, email text, email footer, and the overall design of each email.


To add your logo, click on the "Upload file" button in your Admin's Settings - Branding page, and select an image:

If your logo's image file is too large, try resizing it using this online tool.

To add a banner to override your default email banner, toggle the Email banner setting

  • Upload an email banner to override your default banner. 

Check our interactive slideshow to see examples of other merchants email banners.

Banner images must be uploaded in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, up to 5 MB. The header image will be displayed in 500px width. For best results, upload an image between 500-1200px wide.

Editing the Subject Line

You can edit each email's subject line through their respective email settings, located inside the Settings - Collect reviews section of your Loox admin. 

  • Use [name] or [last_name] as a placeholder for the customer's first or last name where you want those to appear:

    For example, if you choose the following subject line:
    [name], please review your purchase!

    John Smith will see it as:
    " John, please review your purchase!"

    If you choose the following subject line:
    Mr. [last_name], please review your purchase!

    John Smith will see it as:
    "Mr. Smith, please review your purchase!"
  • Use [order_number] where you want the customer's order number to appear:

    For example. if you choose the following subject line:
    Order # [order_number], please review your latest purchase!

    The customer will see it as:
    "Order # 4626, please review your latest purchase!"

If you leave the Email subject field empty, the default subject is:
Order # [order_number], please review your latest purchase

Customizing the Email Appearance

Loox enables you to customize your emails to match your brand's look and feel: 

You can use one of the default options which is either Boxed or Modern. The Boxed option will display a grey background surrounding the actual email, while Modern will have a white background and bigger font.



Through your Email appearance settings, under the Branding Settings section of your Loox admin, you can choose Custom to customize different elements of your Loox emails including:

  • Email's background-color
  • Text's background-color
  • Text's color
  • Button's background-color
  • Button's border-color
  • Button's title color
  • Email's font & font size

Follow these steps to configure your Loox emails' appearance:

  1. To change your email colors and font, change the Appearance field of the Email appearance section of your Loox settings to Custom:
  2. You will then be able to choose the exact color code you want for each field that appears below:

All changes will apply to all Loox emails sent to your customers including:

  • Review request emails
  • Review request reminders
  • Photo reminder emails
  • Discount code emails

You can add an email footer note to the bottom of all your Loox emails. 

You can use this footer section to add contact information or other details without detracting from the email's content. Additionally, in some localities, you might need to display required information in the email footer (such as the business' address). 

You can add the footer information through your Loox admin, under the Settings - General section:

Viewing a Sample of the Review Request Email

To check how your review request email looks, click the View Sample button which will display an example review request email:

Note: Placeholders (like [name]) will not work on sample emails.
The product displayed is an example and will be replaced by the product the customer bought.

To test how it looks like in an actual email, press the To yourself button at the bottom of each Email's settings page, which can be found inside the Settings - Collect Reviews section:

This will send an example email to the address listed on your Shopify account:

Loox schedules and sends one review request email per order. If a customer purchases multiple products in one order, Loox bundles these requests and sends them in one email.
The only exception is if certain products were fulfilled on different days.
In that case, Loox will send separate emails (X days after each item's respective fulfillment date).