Sending Follow-up Emails With Omnisend

Using the Omnisend integration, you can create email flows triggered by new reviews.
Once a customer submits their review, Loox will send a "Loox Review Submitted" event to Omnisend.
You can then create a workflow within Omnisend to send emails based on that trigger.
For example, you can create a flow in response to positive reviews, mentioning upcoming sales and special offers.

Otherwise, you can create a flow based on negative reviews, offering help to the customer.

The Loox + Omnisend integration is available on the Growth plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.


Activating the Omnisend Integration

To activate the Omnisend integration with Loox, follow the steps below:

  1. In Omnisend's Settings, find and copy your private API key -
  2. Paste the API Key in the "Omnisend API Key" field under the Integrations section of your Loox settings.
  3. Verify using the "Test" button.

Creating an Automation Workflow

Once your Omnisend account has been integrated with your Loox account, the following fields will be sent to Omnisend whenever a new review is submitted:

  • Review date: Review submission date.
  • Product ID: Shopify ID of the product.
  • Product title: Product name, as listed in Shopify.
  • Product URL: URL address of the product page.
  • Rating: Review's rating (1-5).
  • Author: Reviewer name.
  • Photo Included: Whether the review includes a photo/video or not.
  • Order ID: The order’s Shopify ID.

You can create email flows using the fields listed above, depending on the rules you set within your Omnisend automation settings.

To create a new automation workflow, follow the steps below:

  1. In your Omnisend admin, under the Automation tab, create a new workflow:
  2. Select "Create custom workflow":
  3. Select "Loox Review Submitted" as the workflow's trigger:
  4. In order to customize the message content, select "Edit content":
  5. You can edit the content and use the custom events sent by Loox:
  6. Once you're ready to set the workflow live, click "Start workflow":

Note: You can read more about setting up an automation workflow in this help article by Omnisend: