Video Reviews

Bring your customer stories to life by collecting and displaying video reviews on your pages.

Collecting and displaying video reviews is available on the Loox Scale Plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan

To enable customers to upload a video with their product reviews:

  • Inside the Loox ״Collect Reviews״ settings section, open the “Video reviews” tab:

  • Toggle “Enable customers to upload a video with their review” on:

  • Customers leaving a review will now have the option to include a photo or a video:

Your Loox Product Review form will now allow customers to attach video reviews to their reviews.

Note: Loox supports video files matching the following criteria:

  • Files weighing under 250MB.
  • Files shorter than 15 minutes.
  • File formats supported: MOV, AVI, MP4.

For every new video review submitted for your products, Loox will send a review notification email to your inbox, displaying the customer’s content and video, as well as the option to approve or hide the review:

You can reply to the reviewer and download the attached video in its original resolution directly from the email.

To download your customers’ video reviews from your Loox Admin:

  • In “Manage reviews”, search for the review you would like to download.
  • Open the three dots dropdown menu, and click "Download photo":

Approved reviews with videos attached will have a preview thumbnail of the attached video displayed on the Loox Product Reviews Widget, Cards and Gallery Carousel Widgets, Floating Product Reviews Widget, and on the Pop-up widget:

When clicking on a video review displayed on a Loox widget, a floating window will appear, displaying the review’s video file in a larger version, along with the review’s full content, the date submitted, and the reviewer’s name:

Note: Once clicked, the video will automatically play on the opened floating window.

If you have more questions, contact our Support team. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help!

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