Sending Review Requests via WhatsApp Messenger by Carthike

Loox enables you to send Review Request emails using WhatsApp Messenger through WhatsApp Abandoned Cart & Chat by Carthike.

Click here to install WhatsApp Abandoned Cart & Chat.

Please note, The Carthike/Loox integration is available on Carthike's paid plans.

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Integrating Loox With WhatsApp Messenger by Carthike

To enable Carthike's Loox integration, follow these steps:

  • First, on your Carthike Admin, go to your integrations menu and click on Loox:
  • Then, inside the Loox Integration menu, switch the automation toggle to turn the integration on:

Once the integration is turned on, you have the option to customize the text and timing of your messages per your preferences:

Messages text:

Review Request timing:

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