Creating a Dedicated Referral Page Via Code

With the dedicated Loox Referral page, you can instantly turn your visitors and customers into brand advocates.

The article below will help you create a dedicated Loox Referral page by creating a new page, and adding the Loox Onsite Referrals Widget code to it.

Note: This method does not support the option to customize the page's Onsite Referral Widget appearance or add an image to it.

To customize and adjust the appearance of the Onsite Referral Widget, Create your dedicated Referral page using the Shopify Theme Editor.

Manually creating a Referrals Page

To create a dedicated Loox Referral page via code:

  • Inside your Shopify Pages menu, click "Add page" on the top-right.
  • Give your page a title, e.g., "Refer-a-Friend" or "Referrals".
  • Under "Content", click the "<>":

  • Copy the following line of code:    

<div class="loox-referrals-entry-form" id="LOOX-REFERRALS_SECTION-1"></div>

  • Paste it into the text area and click "Save":

  • Verify it looks as you expected by clicking "View".
  • You can then add the new page to your navigation bar using the Shopify Navigation menu.

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