Customizing the Rating Widget

Customize your Loox Rating Widget to match your branding.

This article will guide you through the customization options available for the Rating Widget on the Shopify Theme Editor, and how to change your Rating icons from your Loox “Branding” settings section.

Customizing the Rating Widget from the Theme Editor

Customize the Rating Widget’s appearance without leaving the Shopify Theme Editor.

The widget’s “app block” offers multiple customization options.

The options available are:

  • Size: Adjust the size of the Rating Widget's text and icons.
  • Text: Insert custom text to appear next to your rating icons. This overrides the default "([rating])" text placeholder.
  • Hide text: When checked, No text will appear next to the widget's rating icons.
  • Widget alignment: Adjust the location of the Rating Widget on your product page.
  • Text Color: Select the color of the widget's text that appears next to the rating icons.
  • Override default star color: Override the default rating icons color selected in your Loox "Branding" settings section, and choose your desired color.
  • Show all reviews: When checked, the widget will display the average rating of all your store's products and the total number of reviews collected. 
  • Open Floating Product Reviews Widget on click: When checked, clicking on the Rating Widget will open the Floating Product Reviews Widget (instead of redirecting to the location of the Product Reviews Widget on the same page).
  • Show empty stars when there are no reviews: When checked, the Rating Widget will display empty stars when a product has no reviews (instead of not appearing at all).
  • Change Rating Icon: Takes you to your Loox "Branding" settings section, allowing you to change your selected Rating Icon.

Note:The Rating widget will automatically display the number of reviews and average ratings for the relevant product only if placed on a product page.

Customizing your Rating icons

Select the Rating icons used to display your products’ average rating to match your brand’s design.

To edit the Rating Icons displayed on your store:

  • Inside the  Loox App “Branding” settings section, go to “General Appearance”.
  • Next to “Rating Icon”, click on the Dropdown menu button,  and select a  rating icon:

  • Once you have selected your rating icon, you can change its color by using the color selector tool next to the dropdown menu or by inserting your the color’s hex code:

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