Displaying Loox Widgets on Vintage Themes

Display Loox widgets on your store pages by adding each widget’s code to your vintage theme.

The article below will walk you through the different Loox Widgets available for you to use and their unique characteristics.

Product Reviews Widget

Display your customers' product reviews in a grid or list layout, increasing social proof and trust on your product pages.

Rating Widget

Display your products’ average rating score and the number of reviews collected for each product with our Rating Widget.

The Rating Widget creates trust in the buying experience for your customers through the power of social proof.

Loox Trust Badge

Build trust and credibility with your visitors using the Loox Trust Badge.

You can put your social proof front and center on your pages, providing your visitors with a snapshot of the number of reviews your store collected, as well as the total average rating in one visually compelling widget.

Using our Carousel Widgets, you can turn your favorite reviews into captivating social proof. 

By highlighting your biggest advocates, you can build strong social proof and trust to help direct new customers to your product pages.  

Our Carousel Widgets provide you with the option to showcase your store’s reviews in one of three different layouts:

Testimonials Carousel Widget

Showcase only the text of each review in an eye-catching display. This widget emphasizes only the text attached to your customers’ reviews and excludes any photos and videos.

Gallery Carousel Widget

Spotlight your user-generated photos and videos and put them front and center for your customers to see. This widget only showcases your customers' photos and videos and excludes text.

Cards Carousel Widget

This widget combines the text and photos or videos submitted by your customers to create a stylish carousel, taking your brand’s social proof to the next level.

Snippets Widget

Get instant trust by showing your best reviews at the top of your product pages with our Snippets Widget.

Video Slider Widget

Display your best video reviews to captivate and build deeper emotional connections with visitors using our Video Slider Widget.

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