Integrating Reviews with Google Shopping Product Listings

Display your products’ reviews and ratings on your Google Shopping Product Listing Ads.

This article will cover everything you need to display your Loox reviews on your Google Shopping listing.

To integrate your Loox reviews with your Google Shopping product listings make sure that: 

  1. Your reviews follow Google Product Ratings Policy 
  2. Set up Google Shopping in Loox

The Loox + Google Shopping integration is available on the Scale plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

Google's Product Ratings Policy 

To participate in Google’s Product Ratings Policy, you must follow the policies Google requires. The policy is:

  • You report more than 50 reviews
  • You sync all your reviews (including reviews with low ratings).
  • Your reviews must not violate copyrights, be offensive, or spam.
  • Reviews must include text.
  • No identifying content of the reviewer can be publicly displayed (including full names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.').

We automatically include all "Published" and "Unpublished" reviews in your ratings feed following the Product Ratings Policy. 

Tip: We recommend publishing all reviews and adding public replies to address any negative feedback. 

Note: Google will review your submission and can reject it if they decide. You can read Google's full policy here.

Setting up Google Shopping in Loox

To make sure Google displays the correct reviews for your products, the product identifiers on your Google Shopping products feed (generated by your Google Channel app or any third-party app), must match the identifiers reported on your Loox Ratings feed.

To make sure Loox is reporting the correct identifiers, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Google Merchant Center under the "Products" tab and look for the product information you report to Google.

  • Find the identifiers, either GTIN or MPN, you are reporting for your products in your Google products feed.
  • Product identifiers (GTIN and\or MPN): Specify which Shopify product field we should extract the values from. You must use at least one of these identifiers and match them to the same field you use for your products feed. While GTINs are global identifiers, MPNs are internal identifiers that you can configure as you wish.
  • You can read more about product identifiers in this guide by Google: About unique product identifiers
  • You can read more about changing the identifiers reported on your Shopify Products: Product details.

Product Prefix: 

If you sync your products using Shopify's Google channel, your feed includes a unique item_ID:

shopify_{country code}_{product_ID}_{Variant_ID}

We automatically include this same Item_ID in your ratings feed to match your products feed.

The {country code} can differ depending on which country you sell to using Google Shopping. By default, we set this to shopify_US. If you sell on Google Shopping outside the US, please select the relevant country code, as it appears in your Google Shopping feed.

Note: Make sure the information in Loox matches your reported product identifiers on your Google Merchant Center. 

The screenshot below shows the Item_ID uses the shopify_US prefix, and the MPN is extracted from the product's SKU from the Google merchant center:

Once you set the integration's settings to match the information found in your products feed, go into your Loox Integration Settings, and under Google Shopping, switch on  "Automatically sync reviews with Google Shopping".

Once activated, we will begin reporting your reviews to Google Shopping on an ongoing basis.

It can take up to a couple of weeks for Google to process your new ratings feed, and for your ratings to appear.

If your products' ratings on their listings and ads have yet to be displayed after a few weeks, check to make sure the information in your Google merchant center and in Loox is matched correctly.

If it is correct and still not appearing, contact Google Shopping Support to help understand what is the reason. Once Google has given you an update, contact our support and we will help you resolve the issue. 

You can contact Google through the link below:

Contact Us - Google Merchant Center Help

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Support team, we are more than happy to help!

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