Integrating Reviews with Google Shopping Product Listings

Loox enables merchants to integrate their reviews into Google Shopping to display ratings and photo reviews on Product Listing Ads:

The Loox + Google Shopping integration is available on the Pro plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

In this article, we'll detail all the steps required to sync your reviews with Google Shopping. Please read through and follow carefully.


Google's Requirements

Google has strict guidelines regarding integrating reviews into Google Shopping and how one should do the integration. The essential requirements are:

  1. You report more than 50 reviews.
  2. You sync all your reviews (including reviews with low ratings).
  3. Your reviews must not violate copyrights, be offensive, or spammy.
  4. Reviews must include some text.
  5. No identifying content of the reviewer can be publicly displayed (including full names, email addresses or usernames, phone numbers, or addresses).

Loox will include all approved reviews in the XML feed. If you only approve 4 or 5-star reviews and hide lower rating reviews, Google may reject the feed. We recommend approving all reviews and adding public replies to address any negative feedback.

Note: Google will manually review your submission and can reject the integration at their sole discretion. You can read Google's full policy here.

Applying for the Product Reviews Feed Integration

  1. Log into your Google Merchant Center. If you don't have an account, sign up here.
  2. Apply for the product reviews feed integration by filling in Google's Product Ratings Interest Form.
  3. Under If you use a third-party service, which service do you use?, answer Other and specify Loox in the provided text box.
  4. You will receive the following email from Google:
  5. Your aggregator, 'Loox', does not have an approved partnership for the Product Ratings program with Google yet [...] So in the meantime, "<Your Store>" can send a direct product ratings feed to Google.

    Not to worry! The above means that while Loox is in the process of becoming an "approved product ratings partner", you can still integrate your photo reviews into Google Shopping using the XML feed.

  6. Reply to this email and tell Google that you will submit a direct product ratings feed to your Merchant Center.

Once you are approved, you should be able to see this reflected in your Google Merchant Center, under the "Product reviews" tab:

If the status did not change to live, you should reapply to the program following the steps above, or contact Google for further details on the matter.

Submitting your Loox Reviews with Google Shopping

Google requires two strong identifiers to match reviews to the correct products from the products feed you sync to Google.
These identifiers must be the same for your products feed and your reviews feed. If you only use SKUs as identifiers, no worries - we will automatically include them in your XML feed. Learn more about product identifiers here.

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties setting this up, feel free to contact our Support team at [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to help!

Setting up your reviews feed within Loox

  1. Go to the Integrations section of your Loox settings.
  2. Set up your reviews feed's Product IDs according to the information you sync with Google Shopping.
    Example of product information included in your Google Shopping feed:
  3. GTIN or MPN: please specify which Shopify product field we should extract the values from. You must use at least one of these identifiers and match them to the same field you use for your products feed.

    While GTINs are a global identifier, MPNs are an internal identifier that can be configured as you wish.

    You can read more about product identifiers in this guide by Google
    About unique product identifiers

    Prefix: If you sync your products using Shopify's Google Shopping app, your feed will include a unique item_ID of:

    shopify_{country code}_{product_ID}_{Variant_ID}  
    Loox will automatically include this same Item_ID in your Reviews feed to match your product feed.
    While the {product_ID} and  {Variant_ID} are taken automatically from your Shopify products, the {country code} can differ depending on which country you sell to using Google Shopping.

    By default, Loox will set this to shopify_US. If you sell on Google Shopping outside the US, please insert the relevant country code, as it appears in your Google Shopping feed, in the "prefix" field of the Google Shopping section:

  4. Lastly, copy your Google Shopping integration link:

Submitting your XML feed to Google

  1. A "Product Reviews" link will appear on your Merchant Center menu within the “Marketing tab” after Google approved your application to integrate product ratings.
  2. Select the following options for your feed:
    1. Feed type: Product Reviews.
    2. Upload method: Scheduled Fetches.
    3. Filename: you can use any filename.
  3. Paste your Google Shopping integration link as the location of your file.

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties setting this up, please contact our support team, and we'll be happy to assist!