Adding multiple-choice questions to the review form

Loox enables you to create your own multiple-choice questions and add them to the review form, to help you to gain a better understanding of your customers and truly tailor product reviews to your business.

Using these questions, you can customize your review form to get valuable data about product attributes that are important to your customers:

To add a custom question, simply head over to the "Collect reviews" tab in your Loox settings, scroll down to the "Review form" section and add your desired question by clicking "New question":

Various answers (up to 5) that the customer can choose from can be added, like so:


You can choose to set each question to match your preference:

  • Private - will hide the questions from appearing on the review on the store and the answer will only appear on your Loox admin
  • Required - the customer will not be able to skip the question when submitting a review

Once done, click on "Save question".

The answers will appear once the review has been clicked on and opened:

And will also appear on the Loox " Reviews" tab: