How do I integrate Loox with Klaviyo?

The Loox + Klaviyo integration enables you to request reviews through Klaviyo and configure automatic emails to be sent to customers based on the reviews they’ve submitted on Loox.

How do I collect reviews through Klaviyo emails?

To send your customers a link to review a product in Klaviyo emails, add "?ref=review" to the end of your product page URL, and the review form will open above the product page when it loads.


Product page URL:

Product review URL:

How do I automate Klaviyo emails based on reviews submitted by customers?

  1. Go to your Klaviyo settings at
  2. Copy the Private API Key
  3. Paste it the "Klaviyo API Key" field under "Klaviyo" on your Loox Integrations settings page
  4. Click “Test” to ensure the integration is successful

When a new review is submitted after the integration has been activated, a "Loox Review Posted” event will be created in the Customer's Klaviyo profile. The event has the following properties:

  • Rating - Star rating (1-5)
  • Photo Included - “Yes”, if the reviewer attached a photo. “No” otherwise
  • Author - The reviewer’s name
  • Product Title - The name of the product
  • Product URL - The URL location of the product
  • Product Id - Shopify Product ID
  • Order Id - Shopify Order Id