Sending Follow-up Emails With Klaviyo

The Loox + Klaviyo integration enables you to configure automatic email flows based on the reviews they’ve submitted on Loox.

Once a customer submits a review on your store, Klaviyo will create a new "Loox Review Posted" event. Using one of the Loox triggers, you can create an automatic email flow in Klaviyo to follow up on the review.

For example, you can create a flow in response to positive reviews, mentioning upcoming sales and special offers.
Otherwise, you can create a flow based on negative reviews, offering help to the customer.

The Loox + Klaviyo integration is available on the Growth plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

Activating the Klaviyo integration

To send follow-up emails to your customers through Klaviyo, Loox must be integrated with your Klaviyo account. 

You can do so by following these steps:

Creating an email flow within Klaviyo

Klaviyo will create a "Loox Review Posted” event in the Customer's Klaviyo profile when a new review is submitted. The event has the following properties:

  • Rating: Review's rating (1-5).
  • Photo Included: Whether the review includes a photo/video or not.
  • Author: Reviewer name.
  • Product Title: Product name, as listed in Shopify.
  • Product URL: URL address of the product page.
  • Product ID: Shopify ID of the product.
  • Order ID: The order’s Shopify ID.

To create a new flow in Klaviyo that uses the Loox trigger, follow the steps below:

  • Once you have successfully integrated Klaviyo with Loox, you will need to create a new flow in Klaviyo that uses the Loox trigger.
  • Create a new flow within Klaviyo. We recommend calling it "Loox Reviews" or "Post-review flow":

  • When setting up a trigger, choose "Metric":

  • Select "Loox Review Posted", set up any filters if you wish, and click "Done":

  • Then, you can create the rest of the flow within Klaviyo:

  • You can also follow Klaviyo's help article below, which describes how to create an automatic email flow:
    Getting Started with Flows.
  • If you still need any further assistance, it is recommended to contact Klaviyo support as they can help you to set up the email campaigns and flows in their system. You can contact Klaviyo's support like so:
    How to Contact Support