How do I integrate Loox with Gratisfaction?

Loox integrates with Gratisfaction to enable you to incentivize photo reviews by offering points instead of the Loox discounts.

To enable the Gratisfaction integration:

  1. Please check to ensure Loox is installed and active on your Shopify store
  2. Go to the Loox Integration settings and click Activate integration within the Gratisfaction section:
  3. Go to the Gratisfaction admin Purchase & Referral Program → Loox reviews
  4. Turn the slider to ON:NOTE: If you see the message below, please check Gratisfaction is activated in Loox:

How to set up the points:

Go to your Gratisfaction admin and customize the following:

  1. Select the number of points given per review
  2. Reward additional points to users who leave a review that includes a photo
    NOTE: If a customer submits a photo along with the review, they will receive points for both the review, and photo. So for eg. if you are giving 50 points for a review and 20 additional points for a photo submission, customers submitting a photo review will receive a total of 70 points.
  3. Select Verified or Unverified reviews or both as per your requirement 

  4. Maximum number of reviews rewarded per product per customer
    If you’d like to define a limit enter a numerical value. If not enter ‘Unlimited’
  5. Maximum number of reviews rewarded per day per customer
    If you’d like to define a limit enter a numerical value. If not enter ‘Unlimited’

  6. Click SAVE

How will customers receive points for reviews?

After making a purchase customers will receive an email from Loox requesting them to write a review. When customers follow the instructions in this email and submit a review on your store, Gratisfaction will immediately reward the points.

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