Rewarding Store Points with Gratisfaction

Using the Gratisfaction integration, you can incentivize photo/video reviews by offering points instead of a straight discount.

The Loox + Gratisfaction integration is available on the Scale plan and up. Click here to upgrade your plan.

Activating the Integration

  • Install Gratisfaction on your store.
  • Inside your "Integrations", go to "Gratisfaction" and click "Activate integration":

  • Go to the Gratisfaction admin and choose "Loyalty and Referrals Program":

  • On the top menu, select "Reward reviews" and select LOOX:

  • Turn the slider to ON:

    Note: If you see the message below, please check Gratisfaction is activated in Loox:

Customizing Your Settings within Gratisfaction

In your Gratisfaction admin, you can customize the following:

  • Select the number of points given per review.
  • Reward additional points to users who leave a review that includes a photo. Please note that while the phrasing only mentions photos, this will apply to photo and video reviews.
    Note: If a customer submits a photo/video along with the review, they will receive points for both the review and photo/video. So if you are giving 50 points for a review and 20 additional points for a photo/video submission, customers submitting a photo/video review will receive a total of 70 points.
  • Select Verified or Unverified reviews or both as per your requirement.

  • The maximum number of reviews rewarded per product per customer.
    If you’d like to define a limit enter a numerical value. If not, enter ‘Unlimited’.
  • The maximum number of reviews rewarded per day per customer.
    If you’d like to define a limit enter a numerical value. If not, enter ‘Unlimited’.

  • Click "Save".

How will customers receive points for reviews?

After making a purchase, customers will receive an email from Loox requesting them to write a review. When customers follow the instructions in this email and submit a review on your store, Gratisfaction will immediately reward the points.

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